Youtube Has Killed The Custom Thumbnails In One Of Their Experiments Causing The Anger Of Some Youtubers

A good custom thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader) is essential for most youtubers . Creating the perfect image, with the right text and the appropriate aesthetic has become an art, a feature differentiated more than each channel . Not surprisingly, its attractiveness may depend largely on the generation of more or less visualizations and the attraction of new audiences.

That’s why YouTube has killed the custom thumbnails in one of their latest experiments has angered many creators. They did not like anything that their thumbnails (youtube thumbnail downloader) have been replaced for a small percentage of users for which the platform automatically generates.

Small and short experiment
It all started in the middle of last week, when a message in the official YouTube help forum warned of the “small and brief experiment” .

In the coming weeks, a small group of people (specifically, 0.3% of all YouTube users) will start to see the default thumbnails that are generated automatically for all videos, instead of the custom ones. For the creators: it is the second thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader) that is suggested when you upload a video. Keep in mind that this process will not affect the content of the videos themselves.

The spokespersons responsible for announcing these tests have clarified that they have no plans to “change or remove the function of adding custom thumbnails” and that the experiment aims to “test the effectiveness of automatically generated thumbnails”. In fact, they assure from the service, the automatic generation of good thumbnails is “one of the main requests that we receive from the creators that use them”.

However, during the last few days , complaints have not stopped appearing on social networks like Twitter and in the YouTube forums about the experiment. They complain that they have not been informed of this experiment and have not been asked when to carry it out.

“0.3% is not small when we talk about 1,500 million monthly users”

“It’s not a good research practice when you did not ask for the consent of the participants,” says the creator Penny! At The Disco on Twitter . Riley J. Dennis, another creator, also highlights the lack of consent and goes further: “There is a reason why we design our own thumbnails, you are damaging our brand and engagement for your own research purposes.”

“People pay others to create this, why ruin it? And 0.3% is not small when we talk about 1,500 million monthly users,” he says in another tweet Chilled Chaos, a youtuber with more than a million subscribers. Although there are also creators who believe that it is not worth “going crazy” for this.

Although from YouTube they have tried to reiterate that this is an experiment to improve the automatically generated thumbnails, the concern of those who customize the particular letters of presentation of their videos is justified . You only need to take a look at the channels of the most popular youtubers to realize the importance they give to the thumbnails (youtube thumbnail downloader) and deduce how it can affect when watching a video or not.