Work At Home To Start Jewelry Business

Jewelry making is the ideal way to start making more money at home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to go there. Initially, your circle of friends will be your customer. Your friends will talk to their friends, they will tell their friends and so on. So, sales will happen with word of mouth.

Although you can start with one or two kits, you can’t trust these kits if you want to make money from sales. People will pay more for their unique work. In addition, the kit is very complementary because another artist has done the design work for you. In other words, if you design your own work, you can charge more and reduce costs. This is the way to maximize profits.

A good starting point is to browse magazines and directories. Edit your favorite jewelry photos (jewellery photo retouching), as well as price information (if available). Take a notebook and fill it out with pictures. Thus it is essential to take good photos of jewelry (jewellery photo retouching) which would be attractive for a visiting customer.

You are not going to copy them. It’s just to give you creativity and make your creativity work. These images can also be useful when you don’t understand how to do what you want, such as your own illustration manual. Thus, the pictures serve two main purpose for you: first is its use in marketing and second is its use as an illustration manual.

There are two easy ways to learn how to make jewelry: beading and engraving with wire, also known as wire winding.

Beads require more skill than simple designs and materials are cheap

It is not difficult to learn how to engrave or wrap it with wires, but since it is about gold, silver and real gemstones, the material costs a little more expensive. But the profit rate is much higher.

Tools and materials

Here’s a list of the tools you need to get started:

  1. Jeweler’s wire cutter: If you can only buy one pair, please take the memory scissors. These are designed for sharp cuts on rugged memory cables, so they can also be used for more flexible cables.
  2. Chain end clamps (sometimes called needle nose pliers) – Ideal for gripping and grasping small objects, bending eyebolts, closing impacts, and even closing crimp beads.
  3. Round pliers: They are used to form a loop in the bolts with beads on the head and eyes. It can also be used to scroll your own jumper, just like the second clip, you need to turn off the jumper.
  4. Optional tweezers: Multi-turn tweezers, perfect for uniform rings and jump rings (instead of the round head pliers mentioned above). Crimping pliers with small notches allow you to flatten and bend the crimped cable to obtain a rounded surface (instead of flat crimping with a chain clamp).

In terms of materials, I recommend color-matched bead packaging, decorative metal dividers, silver and gold beads (these can be used as spacers, perfectly matched with other beads). You can find it – this is what keeps things together! ], the pins of the head and eyes.

In addition, let your project selection be your guide. You may need silver or tinted ornaments. For earrings, I need an earmuff or cable or cutting base. For bracelets, you need a memory cable or elastic rope or rope and hook. Used for necklaces, memory lines or beads, closures and possible pendants.

The chart of accounts is also a good idea. Its regulated track helps you measure and design the design of bracelets and necklaces; and joins your account at work at a given time.