Why Steroids Are Bad?

After the labor dispute between MLB and the mid-1990s, many people thought that the Major League Baseball began in the steroid era. Many high-level players MLB are accused of using steroids and some like Jose Canseco, and even publicly acknowledged blaming steroids throughout their careers. In fact, Conceicao wrote a book called Juiced, documenting the use and impact of steroids in baseball. According to Canseco, as many as 85% of Major League Baseball players are currently using drugs to improve their performance. Joseph named the book The Best Drunk: The Wild Age, Steroids, Smashing the Ball and How the Baseball Is Growing, referring to many famous players who used steroids in their careers.

Another player, Ken Caminiti, discussed his use of steroids and described in detail the damage the drug caused to his body. Caminiti admits that his body stops producing testosterone and his testicles become smaller. In fact, his body has only 20% of normal levels of testosterone. Although Ken Caminiti is clearly aware of the damage he has done to his body, he admits that if he has another chance, he will do it again. Ken eventually died of steroid use. (from Wikipedia) Several beloved Major League Baseball players have been accused of using these drugs to improve their performance. Names such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and Jason Giambi were contaminated by claims. His records and awards were questioned because they were not naturally acquired, but rather chemical aid prohibited by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig.

A company called Balco, the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative, is considered to be the main source of steroids or sarms canada for many sports athletes. Balco is a nutritional supplement company headquartered in the United States and directed by Victor Conte. Balco has manufactured and sold a sterol called clear steroid, also known as THG, or tetrahydrogestrinone, which was created by a chemist named Patrick Arnold to Balco (Washington Post). In 2003, two journalists investigated the role of society in drug scandals. Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada. This scandal was described as Balco and was distributed to some of the top athletes of the United States and Europe for many years, coached by Golden Emperor, Greg Anderson, Weight Coach and Remi Korchemny. The US Olympic sprint coach Trevor Graham supported the survey in a 2003 tip. Graham provided a syringe containing traces of what was called clearing material. A test to detect Clear was developed and approximately 20 athletes from the Olympic class tested positive for the drug. Marion Jones, the star on the Olympic track, just admitted that after years of public refusal, she used steroids. She said she took the opportunity to prepare for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the Olympic Committee won all the medals. (Washington post) Later, the search for the Balco system has found customer names including Bonds, Gionby, Jeremy Gibbie, Gary Sheffield and other players in the Major League Baseball.

Arizona’s d-back pitcher’s house, Jason Grimsley, recorded in 2006 by US federal agents and Grimsley admitted that he used amphetamines, humans to grow steroids (sarms canada) and hormones. In the end, Grimsley was freed from the contract with D-Backs and was suspended for 50 games by the Major League Baseball team. After such a long time, the use of steroids is still a big problem for MLB. Since Barry Bonds defeated and broke the record of this year’s home run, this story still has its advantages. Perhaps the Major League Baseball should impose more severe penalties on the use of steroids. For example, when a player is captured in an unannounced regulatory test, the reward is suspended. If the player returns to prove that he is dirty, his contract will be cancelled and he will be suspended for a lifetime by Major League Baseball.

The fine must be serious enough to turn these players to take drugs and improve their performance. In fact, baseball has been criticized for being insensitive to the use of steroids and has not imposed a heavy enough fine. But not only the players and their families hurt themselves. Fans and kids love these players as role models. All agricultural union players and miners were also injured. In the major leagues that pursue multi-million dollars, DA must show the same or better levels than current athletes. This puts a lot of pressure on the use of hard-to-beat steroids. Some people say that the use of amphetamine is common among small league players, and steroids are also widely used. One thing makes sense. If only a few players use drugs to improve their performance, while others do not, the former has an unfair advantage, which makes fair competition impossible. Exercise is defined by fair competition, which is one of the good reasons people like sports. Life is full of gray, but the movement is black and white. There is always a clear winner, and everyone wants the winner to succeed in a fair and ethical manner.

Or MLB players should not use steroids or everything should be correct. While many say they shouldn’t have new records when using steroids, such as Barry Bonds, they use steroids to achieve a history of family travel, others claim they have hit many steroid-using emitters. Therefore, they said that everything was razed to the ground. But we don’t know which emitter uses steroids and which emitters. It is almost impossible to determine what is right. Unfortunately, athletes like Ken Caminiti die from using steroids. The child lost his parents, his wife lost his husband, the American Major League Baseball lost their good name, and the fans lost the respect of the sports people they admire. Baseball players may choose to use steroids for several reasons. They can feel the greatest pressure and victory.

They can feel this pressure from society, fanatics, family and friends, or themselves. Because of greed, they may have to use steroids, or even think that all players around them are using steroids, and if they want to succeed, they have no choice. A simple shortcut, such as the use of steroids, should be of interest to many baseball players. Given that steroid use is a relatively new phenomenon, many subjective issues must be eliminated, and the Major League Baseball still faces serious problems. The Major League Baseball failed to control the trend, or successfully reduced its use or made it so unpopular that the player has decided to abstain. It is difficult to determine where the line should be drawn. After all, it can be said that the team has improved over the years, for example, the advanced technology of the shoes, they also improve the performance. Fairness is vital to the sport, so some players continue to have a terrible impact on baseball using steroids.