Why Are Modern Movie Posters Not As Good As the Classic B Movie Posters of the Past?

Posters for modern movies are rubbish. They have no life, color, creativity or artistic conceit. As long as there is a job to do: show the facts of posters in a typical format of clear and concise movies, you are near the cinema, and you are still exhibiting in the near future. Complete the stop period. bored! How does the film industry put the quality of movie posters into such a terrible state?

For a while, not many years ago, when the theater was an exciting place to look and be inside. The movie chain is smaller and wider than it is now, so each movie (https://gomovies.tube/gallery-of-brands/yesmovies) has certain characteristics, whether it is in a sharp situation. Colourful, moldy, upholstered carpets with chairs or ice cream ladies promote business in this area. Oh, then the theater does show restricted movie (mainly B-rated movies, many of them!) than the adult club, all these waste certificates Ministry of Railways 12 during that time, oh, no!

Today, the only place to watch movies almost is that the 6th or 7th movie is displayed on the screen with a huge number of multi-channel concrete, most movies with mature themes, reduced to the twelfth comfortable consumption and consumption ( Adults may also like it). One size fits all and it’s not very comfortable. This reminds me that although it is more spacious than before, the seat seems to make my belt injury more bright than in the past. So what does all this have to do with the decline in the quality of modern movie posters?

First of all, there are not many cinemas and independent cinemas today. The only place I can easily watch a movie is a large concrete complex: the Capitalist Cathedral. This is not what it used to be. 40 years ago, I could choose 4 independent cinemas separated by a mile in my local city. I speak as a British resident, although I am convinced that the situation is the same in many other countries in the Western world. Modern cinemas are clearly lacking in competition because large studios are now broadcasting the show. Since the studio buys multiple screens to display the same movie and guarantees maximum exposure, only a limited number of movies are displayed simultaneously. In the early films, until the late 1980s, there were more studies, more independent cinemas, and not a system determined by a strong film studio. There is more fair competition between the film and the studio where the film is made. How long the movie lasts is a different story. If a movie does not perform well in the first week, it will be thrown mercilessly, and another movie will replace it. If he does well, he can keep his position for a few months (I remember when I was young, when he left Star Wars and looked like he played in my local theater for a few years!) Some theaters changed the movie a week. Twice, which means high-turning movies. Therefore, the poster of the movie is an important tool to attract the tramp in the seat and ensure the longest duration of the movie. If people are in the lobby of a movie theater and can’t identify or see the five scanners, and quickly look at the posters of each movie, they will soon reach an agreement. This made me think of the second point.

In the past few decades, people rarely know what they want to see when they go to the movies. My father said that he would go every Saturday and often within a week. The reason is very simple. There was nothing to do in the provincial capital at night. So I will go to the cinema to find what I can do and decide what movies I will see when I get there. Today, people already know what movies they will see before going to the cinema. Why change? In short, the media. Film promotion in the media is now dominated by the Internet, where we can easily see progress, view and read interviews with movie stars, making videos, and more. I started kicking before. There are dripping, dripping, and trickling, and when the film is about to be released, the trend of media coverage reaches its climax. What is the possibility of another movie before the media floods? When the current demographic target is mainly innocent and credulous, the film studio will wave happily. Who needs a fuck movie poster to sell a movie in a movie? you have not! It has already been sold.

This reminds me of another point: demographic change or audience. In the past few years there have been many more adults who go than today, so watch movies, more adult movies, movies and exploit films. This brings a better theme to movie posters (although movies are usually below standard). I think it would be very difficult to shoot a good series of posters, if it is a film exploitation nazisplotación for “Ilsha: the SS of her wolf”.

Finally, even if it hurts me. You are the audience. In previous years, there were many more adults at the film allateria than today, etc., denominations, much more infamous adult movies, movies and mining movies. Serra an EU inverted theme result BEST for posters of one of the movies (instead of often have been below standard film). Ji thinks that he would be tough nanny does not indulge in a website announcements to come to if it were Serie A Cote d’iv movie and mining Nazi phone exploiter said, “Ilsha: ELLE The Palace Lupu SS” non-movie .

For frankly speaking, the quality film palace today is generally better than the past years said. In addition to a great deal of media coverage, L’Oreal’s film-making program sold a film website announced the importance of dramatically reduced. As I mentioned it earlier, a wider variety of films, with the quality card and topics, reached your local cinema, including Lai in the series movies. It was the sort of weapon approach destroyer. A “Beautiful Ivory Coast as much as day movie and other German boxes in the box of the may be what works.” And that meant he had a lot of fucking movies (https://gomovies.tube/gallery-of-brands/movie4k). This is where the movie poster becomes a tool is an indispensable promotion. If you shoot Sambule interesting, etc. L’Oreal corporate announcements are easy to find, it must be Ivory Coast United Nations Bonium Film, is not it? wrong! The facade of L’Oreal corporate announcement was spending a small Ivory Coast silver DO NOT necessarily music shoot follows. But joined the film and his influence. The Plupart Palace movie arrives Quindan Slesal went to the cinema today is a big studio studio and always have high budget produced by values, even if you get movie content still does not reach quality.