What Is Fortnite, Why Is It So Big And How Long Does It Take?

Video game Fortnite collected 125 million players in less than a year. It is known far beyond the game world. It is officially a cultural phenomenon, similar to Pac Man, Lara Croft, Angry Birds and Grand Theft Auto. Are you falling off the air or do you want to know more about Fortnite and what all the fuss is about? Then read more.

There is Fortnite and there is Fortnite

Or rather: there is ‘Fortnite Save the World’ and there is ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ (fortnite cheats). Two hatches from the same game, which are played separately and continue to grow apart. That ‘Fortnite Save the World’ was there first. A survival game in which up to four players work together to survive in a hostile world. In doing so, they can mine resources and build structures, to protect themselves against zombie-like enemies and the equally ruthless elements. At the end of July 2017, the developer put that game into early access . Matter of player feedback to collect about the almost finished game.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Around that time, those developers witnessed the lightning-success of ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’. A game that put the battle royale- genre on the map. A genre that puts a lot of players together on a vast battlefield, who switch each other solo or in small team until there is only one left. In just two months, the makers of ‘Fortnite’ (fortnite cheats) had such a battle royal game mode ready and threw it for free. In less than two weeks time, 10 million players had already downloaded it. Today the counter is somewhere around 125 million. Although the ‘Save the World’ part is still being played and supported, today almost everyone who says ‘Fortnite’ talks about the ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’.

Only 1 can win

A Fortnite session goes like this. Up to 100 players are dropped on a large playbook. They play solo or have previously organized themselves in duos, trios or four-man teams. Once on the ground, it comes down to finding weapons, ammunition and other items that give them more clout in the inevitable confrontations with others. Players who so wish can also build structures such as walls and towers with a few actions to protect themselves or to create a positional advantage on their rivals. As the match progresses, the playing field shrinks so that the steadily thinned participants’ schedule is pushed towards each other. Whoever is eliminated is finally out. The player or team remaining as the last wins.

The family-friendly factor

Fortnite is according to the European legislator suitable for players from 12 years. It opts for a very accessible cartoon-look and bloodless approach. This makes parents less inclined to see when younger players (good for a large part of the Fortnite public) get to work. Something that makes it harder for the often more realistic competitors to get away with. It remains a game in which you throw other players at risk, but both the dressing and the violence looks rather cartoonish. If parents have to worry about something, it is more the time their children spend in this game. Because Fortnite (fortnite cheats) proves just as addictive as those Pac Man, Tetris or Angry Birds.


Also not unimportant for the success of Fortnite is that the game is free. That is to say: you can download and play the game for free. You can buy cosmetic goods with microtransactions, that are small in-game purchases. Usually these are items, looks, gestures, dances, outfits and other things with which the player can give his game character, parachute or weapons a (more) unique appearance. It is never about items that give him an advantage over players who do not spend money. With more than 125 million players, even a modest percentage of people who occasionally buy something every month to spend many hundreds of millions of dollars.