What Are Cheap SEO Services And Does One Need An Affordable SEO Agency?

Cheap SEO Services

In principle, the question should no longer be: “Do we need an affordable SEO agency?”, But: “How much budget can we provide to our affordable SEO agency?”. Search engine optimization is no longer a niche marketing discipline, but an elementary building block of every digital presence. Whether you own a small WordPress website and want to be found locally in your city or run an online store with thousands of articles – search engine optimization has become a must in online marketing !


Although there are other, exciting search engines like Bing or Yandex besides Google, Google’s market share in Germany in 2016 was 94.52%! In December 2016, about 4.7 billion searches were answered – that makes 140 million per day! Our clear recommendation: “You have to be there and they have to fit!” But how can you be effective, professional and successful? Correct! As a partner you get a professional affordable SEO agency on board!


Unlike Google AdWords or search engine advertising , you do not pay per click or show. They are found in the so-called organic search results. These are the ones that can be found below the paid ads. The visitors come so to speak “free of charge” on your Internet presence. But only if you are visible and represented here. Here we come as your SEO service provider into play.

OnPage optimization

Search engine optimization distinguishes between two large areas (OnPage & OffPage optimization), which in turn bring numerous subcategories. True to the motto “there is always something to do” there are so many measures that, as you may well think, there is always something to do.


Under the OnPage optimization refers to those SEO areas that take place on your own website, that “on page”. Optimization measures where you can create “the wrench” yourself. In times of Panda updates, you should not overdo it and over-optimize with spam or deception-oriented measures. The user should always come first – not the search engine. Nevertheless, there are some search engine optimization measures that you can work on without exposing the visitor to endless text deserts of nonsense.

Content optimization according to WDF * IDF

Previously, for almost every search term you wanted to find, you created your own landing page, a text that was aligned to this search term, and aimed for a keyword density of about 5%. That was just a common recipe for success. This does not work anymore nowadays. Google has evolved – so SEO had to evolve as well. We as your affordable SEO agency, optimize your texts according to WDF * IDF (within document frequency * inverse document frequency).


This means that the entire content of a page is evaluated and compared with the top rankings within the SERPs for your promising search term. From this one gains the knowledge of which other terms should be used in the text and in what frequency. However, this should not bring “Keyword Spamming 2.0” with it, but give impulses which topics may not yet been treated and in what extent the text can be useful (!) Supplemented. The clear recommendation still applies: write the texts not for Google but for the visitors of your website or your online shop.

Some of the most important OnPage optimization measures

we take on as your Cheap SEO services agency for you:

  • Content optimization according to WDF * IDF – Optimization of the META Title & Descriptions
  • Internal linking so that your most important pages get the most linkjuice and maximum indexing possible
  • Support & strategic advice on building / managing your blog regarding potential traffic issues
  • Technical improvements to improve the page speed
  • Regular monitoring for errors, website crawlability, and indexing status
  • If not available, set up an XML Sitemap to optimize crawlability and indexing

…and much more

OffPage optimization

The OffPage optimization is the second big “SEO pillar”. This is about all the actions that take place outside of your website, namely the construction of links. Google itself has confirmed that links are still one of the most important ranking factors (seen here from about 30:02 ). However, at this point in search engine optimization, lay people may even be more wrong than right.


An experienced Cheap SEO services agency knows exactly which links & anchor texts can have a positive and negative impact on your ranking. In addition, it is not the sheer mass of links (LinkPOP / DomainPOP) that determines your rankings, but the quality of these links. However, PageRank is no longer a suitable metric because Google no longer receives updates from it. Some of the well-known tool providers have developed their own metrics for evaluating the link quality, most prominently here are the domain authority of MOZ and the metric LRT Power * Trust of LinkResearchTools mentioned. At the end of the day, however, an experienced SEO manager decides whether it really is a qualitative link that may not even harm your backlink profile, because that too is possible!