Want To Know The Brightest Flashlight?

Do you want to know the brightest flashlight? This is the answer. This is the light at the top of the pyramid in Las Vegas. Of course, you can see the Los Angeles airport on a weekly basis as follows.So the next question is this. Is it suitable for your space saving bag? There are many factors to consider when finding a survival lamp. But brightness is the most important. I discovered that there are four ways to get the brightest flashlight.

Brightness of a flashlight: Lumen Description

First of all, the brightness is measured in lumens. Light is a standard measure of light seen by human eyes. Imagine that you are a 1 meter by 1 meter box. You have a birthday candle. Light is the light falling in a cardboard box. The more candles you have, the brighter the image and the brighter the light. Divide other lights, I always mention the size of their lights.

Torch performance: comparison

Let’s see the performance now. If you are looking for the smartest person, please look at this. How about titanium innovation L70 of 7000 lumens? The L70 has a 70 watt discharge lamp and triggers an adjustable beam for several kilometers. Even if it is cheap. The commission is 1,000 dollars. There is a rumor that XeRay / XeVision staff is producing a prototype with light of 8,000 lumens.

But wait! It is a true lantern is the brightest lantern in the world. 48 LEDs U2 LED flash light (including 32,000 lumens). This thing is wonderful. It generates enough heat to maintain its own cooling system.

You can use a flash over 4000 lumens to fire the map point the flame. Who do you think you need a game? What kind of fire kits do you need? Find this wet tree and dry it during the storm!

Comparison of flashlights

Another way to compare the brightest flashlight is a light bulb type. The biggest difference between them is the production of incandescent bulbs and the lifetime of the bulbs during the service period. For example, in general LED lighting lasts about 100,000 hours, xenon light or xenon brenner lasts about 20,000 hours. We will talk about each one.

Flashlight type (xenon brenner)

The winner of the XML division moves to 4 Sevens. The XM 18 lighting concept test absorbs 160 lumen per unprecedented watt. The result is light of 15,000 lumens. It consists of 18 clear lights.

More than anything you can add lots of XM 18 and do a nice virtual lighting. You can also create a radius in the form of a disc from a connected device by introducing thickness to the joint. The lower setting works during 24 hours and the lumen is 600 lumens. A setting of 15,000 lumens takes 1 hour 30 minutes. This is probably the most powerful commercialization.

Light bulb

Standard 100 watt incandescent lamp consumes 100 watts to eliminate approximately 1500-1700 lumens. I will not even try to compare LED, HID and xenon bulbs (xenon brenner) and light bulbs.

LED lighting

LED lighting is brighter than incandescent light bulbs. It is more than 60 times brighter than filament brothers so measured. LED also has a long life. They consume 2 to 10 times less energy and are more efficient.

High intensity discharge lamp (HID)

HID is synonymous with high pressure discharge lamp. This is an arc lamp composed of a tungsten electrode in a quartz tube. The tube is filled with gas and metal salt. When the bow starts, the salt is heated and evaporates. This induces the formation of plasma which increases the intensity of the light. We will also reduce energy consumption. HID lamps are unique because they are more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lamps.