The 10 Biggest Raids On Casinos Worldwide

Most raids on casinos are not nearly as glamorous and action-packed as Hollywood’s casinos เว็บแทงบอล want to sell movies like “Ocean’s Eleven” or “21”. The gangsters usually do not look like George Clooney, there are significantly fewer explosions and the technical equipment of the crooks is usually also rather smile. Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to some of the biggest casino เว็บแทงบอล raids in history:

Casino staff goes to work with half a million dollars

Bill Brennan was a longtime employee of the Stardust Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1992, he decided to take advantage of the trust he received among his security colleagues. So he put $ 500,000 in cash and chips in his pocket, set off after work, greeted the security staff as they walked out of the casino, leaving half a million dollars unnoticed. Brennan was never caught and since then belongs to the most wanted men in the USA. Due to its simplicity, this is probably the most elegant robbery of all time.

Play against your own accomplices

Heather Tallchief worked as a driver for a cash-in-transit company and one day decided to run away with the $ 2.5 million she was entrusted with instead of bringing her to Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas. She, the armored cash transporter and the money disappeared without a trace until after 12 years she herself was taken to the police and arrested. She claimed to have been incited to the coup by her partner Roberto Solis. However, he grabbed all the money and let them sit, after the two had settled in the Netherlands. Solis was never caught.

The motorcycle bandit

In 2010, Anthony Carleo robbed the Bellagio in Las Vegas by wearing a motorcycle helmet and so could not be recognized by the video cameras. His prey was worth $ 1.5 million, but with a tracking mechanism. Carleo could not exchange the chips for money and tried to sell them online to other players. He flew up when he sent a photo of two $ 25,000 chips and the note “Biker Bandit” to a potential buyer who was actually a police officer. He was then immediately caught and put in jail for many years.

Laser in the Ritz Casino

In 2004, three men robbed the London Ritz Casino เว็บแทงบอล using lasers that could predict the results of roulette wheel rotation. The laser was able to measure the speed of the wheel and thus predict with a fairly high hit rate, which number the ball would fall. So they “earned” 1.2 million pounds in just one evening. The craziest thing about this robbery is that when the fraud started and the three were arrested, the court acquitted them and they were 1.2 million pounds richer.

Poker with mini cameras

Another casino robbery in London happened under the use of spy equipment. Three Londoners used a miniature camera and won at least 200,000 pounds in six different casinos. One of the men at the poker table put the camera in his sleeve and filmed the dealer while spending the cards. The recording was transmitted to another man sitting in a van parked in front of the casino. Thus, the recordings could be evaluated in slow motion and then the third man at the poker table will be informed via a tiny button in the ear, which cards had his teammates. This had a decisive advantage in the game through this additional information and won almost every round. The dizziness flew open and the men were arrested.

Cheating on poker

In early 2014, another casino robbery hit The Crown Hotel & Casino in Perth, hacking the casino video surveillance system, leaving the $ 32 million thief out of the casino. The gangster worked with a well-known other player who gave him tips on when to use how many chips. After only eight laps, he had already won $ 32 million, which seemed very strange to the casino staff. Finally, he had to pay back the entire amount and got a lifelong ban on the casino.

Raid on casino in Switzerland

Ten masked and armed men attacked the Grand Casino in Basel in March 2010. They stormed the casino one night with submachine guns, fired several times in the air and finally captured several 100,000 francs and euros from the coffers. A few of the men had tried in vain to open the safe in the basement of the casino เว็บแทงบอล. Then they fled with two limousines across the French border and were never caught.

Assault on Luxembourg Casino

Similar to the raid in Basel, a year later in March 2011, a raid on the Casino 2000 in Luxembourg took place. At night, four men armed with pistols stormed the casino and stole a five-digit sum from the cash register. When they left the casino, they took a casino employee as a hostage, who should accompany them to the previously stolen escape vehicle. The perpetrators fled across the French border.

Not all raids on casinos end well

An armed men’s trio consisting of Jose Vigoa, Luis Suarez and Oscar Sanchez robbed the Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2000 for a sum of $ 160,000 in cash. Vigoa was a seasoned bank robber and still managed to get his face unmasked onto surveillance cameras. A few days after the attack, Sanchez confronted the police and made a confession, in which he betrayed his two accomplices. The rogues, of course, had to repay the money, all went to prison for life, and Sanchez committed suicide.

Mysterious coup

This attack on a casino is probably the most mysterious of all: One afternoon in March 2005, two men threatened the cashier of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with a pistol. No one knows by which entrance they entered the casino and how high their prey failed. Neither the police nor the spokespersons of the casino could provide any information. One can imagine how embarrassing the casino must have been for this robbery. This also explains why hardly anyone talks about him.