It Will Adopt A Fast System- Ripple.

Under the framework of the Singapore Fintech Music Festival, the CEO of the company Brad Garlinghouse responded to questions from Bloomberg Media. Leaders praised the advantages of rejected XRP, the concept of society and company is the rapid control system.

Ripple fast

Garlinghouse said there were rumors of volatility and collaboration between Swift’s interbank control systems, and there were many problems, and I dismissed the rumors. I think it takes over Cyrus every day. You have registered more than 100 owners on the web. Some of the major banks, like Cicero, have been fluctuating by technological development.

In particular, when they indicated that they could use Ripley Translation to make money, the cost per transaction was reduced from $20 to $2. The leader does not rule out the connection with Swift’s control system, and the bank hopes to succeed in this new world order and new life comfort. Yes, to do this: Swift, this is good.

Does XRP correspond to the actual use case?

The general guidance on volatility also mentions the recent evolution of XRP, using digital networks for cross-border transactions. But the real problem to be solved. With more than 1,000 times, Bitcoin (BCHABC Electrum) is faster and less, as in the past, there were obviously 1,000 behaviors. I think the market is responding in this way.

Regarding the leader of the arrival, he also commented on Wall Street as ice or giant Fidelity, as well as the encryption market. As far as I know, this trend should continue into the last quarter, and developers should target players who measure XRP purchases. I think this phenomenon is almost in a state. In an interview with the TV program broadcast Crypto Trader-CNBC, Bin Chang, CEO of Binance, expressed his feelings in the encryption market. Despite the sharp decline in trading volume, most of the upcoming digital goods still believe that these are the things that come with the hope of the goods.

Binance: a declining activity, but which remains healthy.

In the past 11 months, the encryption market (BCHABC Electrum) has lost more than 70% of its value, which is the fourth biggest drop in history so far. In addition, as Zhao Changpeng explained, nearly 100% of commercial transactions were reduced to the Binance January platform. Still, he believes that it does not jeopardize his potential long-term guidance in January [2018], which may reach -90% in terms of transaction volume. However, if we compare the current situation with what happened one or two years ago, it is not a very large amount. Business is good, they are always useful, and Binance is still a healthy company.

Many websites or any other CoinMarketCap CryptoCompare (BCHABC Electrum), based on data recorded on the Binance platform, enables real-time transmission of every Crypto-book commercial market. But it is only the amount of cryptocurrency that represents global transactions.

Last July, when the Tabb-Research Group highlighted the power of the OTC market – in other words, externally providing professional platforms, sometimes including institutional investors. In fact, at least twice the mass of the crowd, those like them, from the following places, it can be said that CoinMarketCap is more involved. They have these books, but they can be used for quantification.