How To Shield Your Business With Cloud Network Armor?

With hackers, malware and spyware spreaders reaching record levels, the term cyber security (Certified Ethical Hacker Courses) seems to be outdated in 2014 and has returned to the forefront. As their complex flights are rewarded, their funding base is expanding, providing them with the resources to recruit talent and expand their business.

What does this mean for the owners of small businesses? Dangers and dangers are in many ways. Wages deposits are dumped, data is stolen, recovered or sold to competitors, and trade secrets are attacked; and it is disturbing that most of the content is off-site and therefore in the mind. Even more noteworthy is the lack of frequent attention because of the steps necessary to stay as safe as possible.

Check out the recent hubub about sunsets in the security update for Windows XP. We have an arrogant attitude and even some challenges: all warnings must be a scam in an attempt to force an update, so Microsoft’s luck. Yes, of course, Microsoft will benefit from the update, but XP has been long enough to keep up, MS has warned users that 4/11/14 will come over the years. Now that it has arrived and has disappeared, 26% of systems still have outdated and unsupported software. not smart.

But let’s see what the company can do to maximize data security. Make sure you have an updated firewall and that your IT computer ensures that your personal or provider is absolutely devout and all of its software applications by ensuring that it is quickly updated and patched.

But let’s face it, when computers and employees go online and open strange emails, problems can arise. This is not a “if” question, but a “when” they will crack your problem. If you ask to view security statistics and everything is ok, you may see the number of attempts to infect the system. He may have been infected, you don’t even know. This is not surprising at all.

So why are these organizations and people in Russia and the former Eastern Group countries attacking the small business network? As bank robber and costume artist Willie Sutton said, “Because this is where money is.” When installing malware and recording each keystroke on a computer, they can control accounts, passwords, security issues, and then prosper! After the pay slip is deposited, the funds will be transferred.

If this happens to an individual, a powerful FDIC will back up your account and the funds will be paid. But since you are a business, there is no FDIC report. The rules of each bank clearly show that if a person breaks into your network and commits robbery, they have no recourse because they cannot know whether it is a thief or a thief. you. So you can strengthen your network at any time.

One way to eliminate most of the concerns and concerns is to turn it into a network in the cloud. With the cloud, there may not be more PCs in your office, and your servers are virtualized in supercomputers in the bunker data center behind the next-generation firewall. Using cloud access devices instead of a somewhat dangerous and time consuming computer, it will be safer because they have no moving parts and cannot be hacked (Certified Ethical Hacker Courses). If you don’t have a server, you’ll remove more mobile parts and your virtualized server is more secure.

So you can now access the network in the cloud from anywhere, and everything is encrypted in 256 bits, just like online banking. Therefore, it’s safer, your data is safer, your uptime is better, and you’re only getting computer experts because of the lack of moving parts in the rarest cases. And now, your bank account is safe, which is a big relief.

If you are unable to connect to a network in the cloud, consider doing online banking on a separate computer, enabling banking only and banking.

Ancaires. This will significantly reduce but not eliminate your risk. If you ask yourself every day: “What can I do to make my network more secure?” And asking the same questions to your IT staff, employees or suppliers will be better than ignoring the problem and hoping for everything going smoothly. People are safer. Believe me, this is not the case.