How To Make Money As A Writer?

When most people think of writers, think about novel writers who work hard to create great novels. In addition to the very few writers who write a list of bestsellers, there are more writers who make a living from all types of business, technology, and non-fiction, not any other writing.

Technical writing

Technical writing is an ideal choice for writers with good technical skills. Today’s technical writers are usually editors of software documents, but many are writers ( of recording equipment (from washing machines to aircraft carriers), medical and pharmaceutical, and other technical issues.

Of course, you need more than just writing skills to become a good technical writer. You must also be able to learn technical materials by talking to technical documents (software department’s specifications), talking to SMEs (on-site experts), and using actual products (unless nuclear warheads or similar warheads are involved!) Your goal is to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the product. So that you can return it and explain it in the documentation.

The technical version is related to technical writing. This is an editor of technical documentation that requires not only editing skills, but also technical topics so that you can identify any errors in the author’s smart query.

Document management

Document management is the organization’s process and document management system. This may seem a bit dry, but in industries such as pharmaceuticals, organizations must have a rigorous system to follow their documentation throughout the writing, editing, and delivery process. . You really don’t want your pharmaceutical company to lose the patient information form on someone’s hard drive, right?

Medical writing

Medical writing includes a variety of fields: writing about medicines, medical products, medicine and its profession. In addition to being scientific, medical writing often requires special attention to regulatory requirements or other requirements that editors must pay attention to.

Scientific writing

Scientific writing is a subset of technical writing. Perhaps some technical writers are currently working in the software industry, producing programmers or user documentation. However, science writers tend to be closer to pure research, working with researchers in various scientific research fields, publishing their articles, writing the necessary documents to obtain regulatory approval or possibly accepting proposals. Scientific research.

Educational design

Educational design (known person’s ID card) is the design of learning. (For non-professionals, this is the design of the training, except that the trainer likes to focus on the apprentices, not on themselves.) Of course, this is an area in itself, but there is a crossover, especially in technical writing and recognition. between. In recent years, the training field has evolved from computer-based training to online training (WBT), online training (also online training), online training and distance learning.

Ergonomics and interface design

The availability of websites and software refers to the ability of an intended user to intuitively navigate through functions and perform their tasks. Interface design is the art and science of creating websites and available software.

Non-fiction writing

If you want to publish and make money in books or magazines, non-fiction is almost always the way to go. Of course, you talk about the success of novels like Harry Potter from time to time, but novel writers like are often more successful than novel writers.