Honeymoon In The Dominican Republic: The Country That Has It All

The Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean  behind Cuba. It is part of the island of Hispaniola along with Haiti, the first American discovery by Columbus and territory that corresponds to the first European settlement in history. In fact, Santo Domingo, its capital,  is considered the first city of the New World and its rich culture and history, which compete with the beaches as a factor of Dominican interest, are a magnificent space to learn, enjoy and feel.

Its location gives it a privileged position, with the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. In addition, this location allows you to enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year (between 19 and 34 degrees), so any time is good to organize a honeymoon trip to live up to expectations. Punta Cana, a recreational space and paradisiacal beaches with an extraordinary poster worldwide, is its main leisure center.

The legacy of Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata

Being the first city in America, its past is so rich that it has traveled over the years to this day. For this reason, it is more than interesting to forget for a few hours the amenities offered by the Punta Cana wedding resorts and indulge in the honeys of the colonial city, an authentic paradise of ancient history.

The colonial city consists of 16 streets full of charm and the characteristic architecture of the time reflected in the buildings that go from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. To not lose detail of this tour, the city has a small train that runs through all these cobbled jewels, the  Chu Chu Colonial, with 45 minutes of delight that can end up in the Botanical Garden or on the fabulous Malecón open to the beauty of the sea Caribbean. In addition, some of the commercial centers of the city (those of the Central Polygon stand out) are provided with typical products from the Dominican Republic, such as a linen guayabera, a leather wallet or an outfit of local designers. The province of Santo Domingo has three hotels of the Be Live Experience chain , specifically the Hamaca slope: Garden , Suites and Beach . The three centers, located in the coastal town of Boca Chica,  include spa, beachfront and the amenities of an all-inclusive luxury.

In addition, the Be Live Experience chain has another luxury space in Puerto Plata, the Marien Collection . In this port city, you can breathe a unique maritime atmosphere that marries the architectural beauty of its 19th century Victorian buildings, the largest number of which can be seen in the Caribbean, and the monumental mountain Loma Isabel de Torres.

The comfort of Punta Cana wedding resorts

With the marriage of the Atlantic and the Caribbean as an example, Punta Cana is the perfect enclave for newly married couples. For a honeymoon that mix culture, fun and relaxation, Dominican Republic is special and has in this paradise of beaches its greatest attraction, also available to celebrate weddings.

The crystalline waters are its great values, in communion with the fine white sand and the gifts of the most tropical nature, specializing in coconut trees. There, in Eden, relaxation is not an option, because anyone is able to succumb to the charms of luxury and retirement. In addition, the area is perfect to dive into the depths of the sea and appreciate first-hand the extraordinary biodiversity that sleeps in the deep sea. And, to top it off, golf lovers , even those who dare to try for the first time, have the excellence of 11 courses to practice a few strokes.

The majority of renowned hotels come together in this paradisiacal land. Eden Roc at Cap Cana is located in one of the most privileged beach areas of the country. Its tropical gardens and its 34 equipped and luxurious suites are just the beginning of this experience in the Caribbean. In  Tortuga Bay,  Oscar de la Renta has been commissioned to design the interior of the luxurious villas. With this presentation, the rest of the surprises are unique to enjoy in paradise.

Turtle Bay

Also, Dream Palm Beach  is another of the great resorts (Punta Cana wedding resorts) that bathe the coast of Punta Cana and that mix the excellence of the beach with gourmet restaurants and endless amenities. Be Live Hotels also has its Collection Punta Cana here as one of the biggest attractions. And  Majestic Resorts , for its part, closes the luxury locations in Punta Cana, with a succulent offer and three beautiful spaces: Colonial , Elegance and Mirage.

Dream Palm Beach

The Caribbean, in addition to harboring that magic of the coasts, beaches and more exquisite depths, has a panorama of exception in the field of nature, benefited by the special influence of the tropical climate. Thus, Samaná is a documentary stage and the wildest side of the country. Green and daring, with a heart full of sensations, its wild surface is dissected in  inlets, bays, waterfalls and mountains. The views are wonderful and give the best of Mother Earth to the most adventurous and nature lovers. Its beaches, which also have them, are dedicated to sports such as bodyboarding . However, it also keeps spaces molded by man, such as the cosmopolitan city ​​of Samaná,conquered by the main lovers of the territory, and  Las Terrenas, quiet and beach town.

Konstantin Kopachinsky

La Romana, on the other hand, triumphs for multiple reasons that have varied according to time. Years ago, sugar cane was his main endorsement, since he placed the sugar business in the area as the most important in all of America. Nowadays, it’s beaches, diving and golf are also important. For this reason, besides being the star of the sugar business in the Dominican Republic, La Romana has attracted travelers who only want to have a good time and live new experiences.

As they have affirmed and proclaimed from the Dominican Tourism Ministry, the Dominican Republic has it all, the best honeymoon designed to fulfill impossible dreams. You dare? Discover, in addition, the  15 things that a couple has to do at least once in life  and everything that can not be missing in the suitcase for your Punta Cana honeymoon.