Crypto Coffre Shares Its Opinion On The Integration Of Blockchain At Ripple.

Every week, the writers of crypto coffre present various articles sharing his opinions on the operation as well as the launch of the new encrypted currencies (Bitcoin Cash ABC site) of the moment. Today, the use of Cryptocurrency is more convenient than using banks. According to many investors, this new system allows them to make transfers, transactions and payments with ease. In addition, this system is not only offered to individuals, organizations and companies in different sectors can practice. For years, Bitcoin has always been recognized as the best, only other systems, such as the Ripple, also offer advantageous services. The Ripple is a famous network in the field and for transactions, it already uses the validation technology proposed by the “blockchain”. At the beginning of this year, we must recognize that this start-up has obtained a $ 55 million survey. In this article, crypto coffre talks about his opinion on this subject.

Ripple uses Blockchain technology, crypto coffre gives its opinion.

Following the analysis of the experts of crypto coffre in his opinions, if the Ripple becomes more and more powerful, it is thanks to the integration of the Blockchain technology in its services. Like Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash ABC site), the Ripple is able to offer fast services to speculators. For some time, users have been able to trade interbank funds without the intervention of a central bank.

It should be noted that for years, Bitcoin was the only Cryptocurrency that could use Blockchain technology. But right now, the Ripple is considered a new system practicing the Blockchain. Besides, thanks to this, this system becomes quite interesting. This year, the founders announced that the Ripple survey is $ 100 million.

Crypto coffre shares its opinion on the benefits of Blockchain technology

According to the writers of crypto coffre, whose opinions count a lot in the field, many new virtual currencies offer advantageous services to investors, but most of them are not powerful enough that Bitcoin and Ripple, for what reason ? Bitcoin and Ripple remain in the first places as they practice Blockchain technology. This technology helps them to easily attract the attention of investors. Not to mention that this technology already has investments of $ 1.5 billion. If this article interested you, follow crypto coffre to read the other expert opinions.

Mining: soon a global energy crisis

he company , anxious to communicate more effectively with readers, collects their opinions on the evolution of cryptocurrencies, by launching a discussion forum.

In Iceland, the mining centers consume more electricity than the entire population. This country with affordable electricity rates and cold climate, is among the most coveted sites by miners. Energy consumption is astronomical and analysts fear a global crisis that will push up the price of electricity of a sprawling value.An energy consumption which exceeds that of the population – the analysts  gather your opinions.

In Iceland, the population consumes nearly 700 GWh of electricity annually. A rate that may rise gradually because to operate, cryptocurrency mining centers will still need an additional 840 GWh. All this energy will be dedicated to the operation of the computers and cooling systems used for all the mining projects launched or planned.

According to the company  which gives its opinion on the forum, the miners are particularly attracted by this country because the rates of electricity there are very affordable, this energy is even free compared to the countries of the EU. But in parallel with rising consumption, the Icelandic electricity market is also increasing its price. Thus, if the price increase per kWh was only 9.2% in 2016 – the tariff has already reached the 16.8% increase in 2017. Analysts then deduce that electricity rates, in Iceland, were already ahead of the Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia).

“Given the sharp increase in electricity consumption by cryptocurrency miners, within two years this energy could be as expensive as in Germany, which has the highest tariffs in the EU” states the spokesperson of the energy company HS Orka in a BBC interview.

What  experts think about the evolution of crypto-currencies – their opinions on the forum.

The evolution of cryptocurrencies goes hand in hand with the increase of the energy consumption, affirm the analysts , by giving their opinions on the forum of the company. Indeed, the certain and future spread of mining will lead to an increase in electricity rates around the world. Many states will no longer be able to support mining on their territory and one would expect a global energy crisis.