Car Care: After Your Car Warranty Expires.

If you’re worried, there are five of the most common services available to help you add years of reliable service to any car, truck, SUV or van. Compile and view results from years of service and maintenance products.

What is a timing belt? My suggestion is to change the timing belt of the engine when the car reaches 75,000 miles. Cost: Less than $250. The timing belt on the engine rotates the camshaft of the engine, causing the valve to open and close, allowing fuel to enter and exit. After millions of bending actions, the inner steel strip weakens (Hot Car Care).

If the belt breaks, in some engines, the valve will remain open rather than closed, causing the piston to hit the valve by hammering, and the repair cost may exceed $2,000. Not all engines require this service, but it is wise to check your car manual or mechanical look to see if your engine is equipped with a timing belt. Of course, every 4-5 years or 75,000 kilometers is replaced.

If your car is close to 100,000 kilometers, please replace the other four liquids. My advice is that they are radiators, power steering, gearboxes and brake fluids. Cost: approximately $75 per service. because? Because of many intangible conditions; electrolysis, acid etching and fluid decomposition reach dangerous points and are present in the fluid. Common causes are: refrigerant leakage during operation of the air conditioner or heater and odor of the car radiator, as well as foam in unclean windows.

This is a leak in the center of the heater. [Replacement fee: up to $550]. The new radiator service product is sufficient to eliminate these leaks, but it contains neither fiber nor particles, which can solve this problem. These new stop leaks work effectively; they can even solve the problem of refrigerant leaks in the intake manifold: if not, they need to repair $1,500.

The new product line for heat sink service and problem solving also improves cooling characteristics and stops electrolysis, which creates holes in the heat sink, corrosion and joint leakage. Decomposition of the coolant: The state in which the coolant protection additive is exhausted occurs in about two years, that is, the time period before the next intervention and the replacement of the coolant.

Ignoring this service allows you and your family to stand on the side of the road looking for a fully prepared engine if you ignore it. A good treatment (Hot Car Care) will claim to be able to clean and neutralize the acid, providing better cooling efficiency and preventing long-term leakage. Protective gaskets, seals and rubber hoses.

Power steering fluid also requires good cleaning and protection. Cost: $95. The power steering fluid loses its lubricating ability and deteriorates in the system. The cause of the joint leakage, the constant impact from the pump and its steering mechanism or frame, creates a rough and severe point of wear felt at the center of rotation of the steering wheel. Left or right. Use a complete, clean and anti-wear product to eliminate acid, friction and roughness on the surface.

“Check my transmission is $2,599, you are crazy, sir, that’s the cost of it!” When they changed the liquid, they asked them to pour new liquid from the bottle into the transmission, as most stores would buy recycling The transmission fluid, which is a profit creation strategy, will take many years to pass in the future.

If your transmission experiences a sudden, slow change, leak or dull sound (about 40 mph), you need a real medicine: the liquid change will no longer be enough because it is not powerful enough! What can be done to eliminate the hidden causes of these problems? New chemical packaging is a full service. They should include cleaning products containing protective agents, as well as metal and liquid treatment agents.