Are Cheap SEO Services Suitable For My Goals?

With a successful search engine optimization you can achieve excellent results. But SEO is not always, not always the first choice for every company and not every situation. Whether you decide as an entrepreneur for or against SEO depends mostly on many factors. We would like to show you a few of the most important decision criteria below:


” We would like to be in the top 5 positions at Google in two weeks with our search term” Software “- We hear such goals again and again as an affordable SEO agency, but unfortunately they are not realistic (and anyone who promises anything else just wants yours Money!).

SEO is seen as an extremely important component for sustainable cost reduction in the medium to long term target of new customer acquisition and sales promotion. However, SEO is not suitable if you want to find new customers immediately or in a short time . All search engine optimization measures do not work overnight – SEO takes time .

We’ve had good experiences combining SEO and  Google AdWords advertising , as a) very promising search terms can be determined by evaluating “real” user searches, and b) evaluating user behavior on your site (eg using Google Analytics) provides valuable information for page and conversion optimization.


Often the desire to start SEO is associated with the idea that search engine optimization is much cheaper than Google AdWords advertising . As soon as the first cost estimates for a website optimization are on the table, disillusionment usually occurs: ” What, SO MUCH does that cost ?, I thought that you can make SEO for a single EUR 200 “. So much for this: No, you can not!

So the most common obstacle to successful SEO is the budget available. If you would like to achieve a predictable success with a one-time, limited amount, we would recommend other types of advertising,  such as a limited-time AdWords campaign .


The first SEO successes – such as improvements in the ranking, more website visitors – are usually visible after just a few weeks after SEO optimization. In our experience a technically optimized site does not show a stable ranking, but rises and falls in the first 6-12 weeks. Only after about 3 months, we can usually observe a steady improvement in the ranking.

In order to assess the exact development (keyword ranking, degree of optimization of the website, ..) of already implemented SEO measures and to initiate further meaningful SEO steps, we would like to draw your attention to our offer SEO monitoring and SEO support .


You have to ask yourself if you want to better position your offer in the long term, or if you are planning a promotion for a particular offer on short notice and for a limited time. SEO is certainly the right choice for long-term, lasting optimization. If you want to be top of the search results page for a short period of time, then you should look into Google AdWords ad advertising .


If you opt for search engine optimization, then you have to look at the competitive situation and the competitive environment. Often, the coveted top spots in search engines are occupied by well-known and well-known companies and, depending on the industry, are also heavily contested. If it seems unrealistic to achieve visible results through SEO at a reasonable cost then you may want to consider other advertising opportunities . Whether it’s SEO or ad advertising – keep an eye out for the competition and the cost environment so you do not burn money without making a profit. We will gladly advise you and help you with your decision!


Once your goals, your available budget, the time window and the competitive situation have been clarified, then you can have the affordable SEO agency do it. In principle, that’s true, but do not forget that the suggested changes to your website must be made by you or your webmaster.