About Us

Christianactionforisrael is a leading international current-affairs blog for the Asian region. It came into being to offer a platform for news, anecdotes, opinion pieces, views and analyses on national and regional issues in Asia. We cover the news, ideas, businesses that matter to our readership, providing region – focused content with a global perspective. The areas covered by Christianactionforisrael include politics, business, travel, food, cinema and sports.

Our aim is to be an alternative source of critical information to our readership that comprises policy makers, public intellectuals, business houses, governments, researchers worldwide from the Asian region.

What began as a personal blog with zero audience has grown to be one of the most reliable names in current-affairs in the world’s most populous region where it has built a reputation of unbiased reporting amongst its readers.

The blog is run by volunteer editors, journalists and writers. Anyone interested is welcome to join our team. We have engaged the services of several authors who bring you the best breaking news possible. The site has quickly grown in popularity. We provide a platform that gives readers a voice.

We tap the leading brains in the region aim to provide clear and original analysis.

We encourage contributions not only from journalists but from professionals in fields such as finance, science, diplomacy and the arts. We are an independent voice and have no ideology other than extolling the virtues of a free media.

Since its inception Christianactionforisrael has been dedicated to independent analysis and commentary on events taking place in Asia. We reach an influential audience of policymakers, academics and commentators with its in-depth treatment of regional issues.

Accessed by readers worldwide, Christianactionforisrael provides expert coverage on geo-political trends, social trends, arts, defence and intelligence, environment, technology and popular culture in Asia to keep our readers informed through presentable news coverage.

We are active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook where we have thousands of followers.

The blog is widely read not only in Asia, but also in other parts of the world where readers regard it as the must-read on Asian politics, economics and culture.