Letter from MK Rehavam Ze'evi (Moledet) to PM Netanyahu on Hebron

The following is IMRA's translation of a letter sent today by Moledet leader MK Rehavam Ze'evi to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Mordechai:
RE: Attacks in the Avraham Avinu Neighborhood

Arabs from the casbah of Hebron are shooting daily at the Avraham, Avinu neighborhood. They also attack the Jewish residents and their children by throwing rocks.

So far no one has died, but this can happen any day.

When the residents asked Mr. Netanyahu what he would do when the Arabs open fire, his answer was that in such a case he would bring in tanks...

The Arabs continue to build in the Casbah without interference, and the IDF doesn't enter so as to "avoid friction."

I call upon you to take a stand at once on the situation in Hebron and take the necessary actions, and this before Jewish blood is spilled.


Rehavam Ze'evi, MK

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director
IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
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