U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan arrives in Israel March 12, 1998:
Refuses to lay wreath at Knesset.

Commentary by Alan C. Lazerte, Executive Director, CFICEJ

Would the UN Secretary General go to Washington, Moscow, Paris, Ottawa or any other national Capitol, and refuse to lay a wreath there ? Of course not ...unthinkable !

Yet the hypocritical nations (UN collectively) has the nerve to deny Israel it's sovereignty over Jerusalem as it's capitol ! Jerusalem in all of human history has never been the capitol of any state other than Israel !

This is proof of two things:

1)   a conspiracy among the gentile nations against Israel and the Jews. (totally prophesied by King David...whose capitol was Jerusalem...in Psalm 2 of the Hebrew Scriptures), and

2)   Evidence that the prophesies of ZECHARIAH in Chapters 12 - 14 concerning the nations and Jerusalem, are about to be fulfilled.

Jerusalem is the last issue on the so-called Peace-Timetable precisely because it cannot be humanly resolved. The issue will take the world to war...and when the dust settles the gentile nations will fall from power...and Israel shall rise again to become "head of the nations".

The One God Who revealed Himself first to Israel will, because of His faithfulness, awake to defend JERUSALEM and bring the arrogant anti-semitic nations to their knees.

Check it out ! Read ZECHARIAH Chapters 12 to 14 inclusive.

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