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The United Nations and Israel

When Does it Become World Government?

by Henry Lamb - February 23, 2002

There are certain similarities between Hitler’s quest for global dominance and the U.N.'s quest for global governance:

  • Hitler dreamed his dream long before the rest of the world was aware of it.
  • Hitler gathered around him an inner-circle of trusted, like-minded individuals.
  • Hitler consolidated his power base before expanding outward.
  • Hitler achieved his goals – until he confronted the United States.

World government was an articulated dream a century ago. It was the United States that foiled the first effort – the League of Nations. The world government dreamers, however, gained control of the U.S. government after the Great Depression and created a second effort to achieve world government, the United Nations.

Since 1945, the dreamers within the United Nations have been gathering like-minded individuals and consolidating their power base. The outward expansion began about a decade ago, when the U.N.'s forces began mobilizing through an unprecedented series of world conferences:

  • on children, New York (1990);
  • on the environment, Rio de Janeiro (1992);
  • on human rights, Vienna (1993);
  • on world trade, Uruguay (1994);
  • on world population, Cairo (1994);
  • on social development, Copenhagen (1995);
  • on sustainable development, New York (1995);
  • on women, Beijing (1995);
  • on human settlements, Istanbul (1996);
  • on global warming, Geneva (1996);
  • on the International Criminal Court, Rome (1998); and
  • on to the Millennium Assembly and Summit in 2000.
The U.N.-funded Commission on Global Governance convened in 1993, and in 1995, made public a detailed plan to achieve world government with the U.N. at the helm. No one paid much attention.

No one paid much attention to Hitler either, until the spring of 1938, when the Third Reich annexed Austria. Three days after Hitler invaded Poland, in the fall of 1939, Britain declared war on Germany and the United States began paying attention.

In the comparison to Hitler, world government is somewhere between Austria and Poland. The U.N. made its intentions known with the publication of the CGG report, "Our Global Neighborhood," just as Hitler made his intentions known when German forces first entered Austria.

When the United Nations gains independent financing and frees itself from dependence upon the United States, it will have invaded Poland, so to speak.

The CGG report is quite specific in its plan to achieve independent financing for the U.N. It calls for consolidation of all international financial and development institutions, under the administrative arm of the U.N. It calls for global taxation on currency exchange, fossil fuels and a host of other targets.

The 2000 Millennium Summit endorsed these ideas in very generalized language in its Millennium Declaration. A special High Level Panel on Financing for Development was created. A preliminary report issued by the panel's chairman last September embodied all the recommendations of the CGG and the Millennium Declaration.

The panel's final draft report, issued recently, has softened the language considerably, but still embraces the themes of the CGG report. This special panel is also calling for its own continuation as a perpetual institution to continue working toward the CGG goals.

Sooner or later the U.N. will achieve independent financing, unless the United States realizes the danger and takes action now to stop it. If we again procrastinate and put our trust in idle hope, it may take as much effort to defeat world government as it did to defeat Nazi Germany.

There are also differences between Hitler's means and those of the U.N. Hitler used bombs and bullets; the U.N. uses propaganda and persuasion. Hitler gave his soldiers much weaponry and little pay; the U.N. pays their soldiers well and makes up for deficient armaments by bloating the bureaucracy.

Hitler's army bit off more than it could chew when it encountered the United States. This too, could be a difference. It is not at all clear that the United States is still willing to defend its sovereignty, as many Americans cannot believe that the U.N. seeks to conquer the world.

With each new U.N. treaty and world conference, the U.N. expands its sphere of influence and consolidates a little more power. Austria, Poland, Belgium, France – when did it become world war? The U.N., UNESCO, ECOSOC, WTO, ICC, IPCC, UNEP, UNDP, UNICEF, IPO, WIPO, UNHCR, UNFCCC, UNCBD, MAB, CITES, RAMSAR ... when does it become world government?

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization and chairman of Sovereignty International.

©2002 WorldNetDaily.com

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