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Whose Jerusalem ?

The Jerusalem Covenant Whose Jerusalem

Israel's Right to the Land

Divide Jerusalem?

Jerusalem: Roots and Wings

Why Jerusalem is Not Holy to Muslims

Layman's Guide to the Middle East Conflict

20 Quick Facts About Jerusalem and The Arab-Israeli Conflict


By the rivers of Babylon,
there we sat,
sat and wept,
as we thought of Zion.
There on the poplars
we hung up our lyres,
for our captors asked us there for songs,
our tormentors, for amusement,
"Sing us one of the songs of Zion."
How can we sing a song of the Lord on alien soil?
If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
let my right hand wither,
let my tongue stick to my palate
if I cease to think of you,
if I do not keep Jerusalem in memory
even at my happiest hour…

(Psalm 137:1-6)

Jerusalem: Capital of the Jews?

Thinking Jerusalem...

Jerusalem Day (2003)

With the Stroke of a Pen

Who Wanted to Occupy the Land?

Battle for Jerusalem

Who Owns the Holy Land?

Seven Reasons Why Israel is Entitled to the Land

Fear vs. Justice at the Temple Mount

Jerusalem: If Not Now, When?

Nazareth and the Temple Mount

On the Holiness of Jerusalem in Judaism and Islam

The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem

"PALESTINE" - Never an Arab Country

ISRAEL'S SACRED PLACES: Why The Arab Thrust To Seize Control of Them

Jerusalem, the Eternal Bone of Contention

An Old Man With His Stone

Destruction in Jerusalem

Open the Mount to Scrutiny

"And The Land Was Filled With The Knowledge Of G-d"

The Bible & The Solution To The Current Battle For Jerusalem

The Spiritual Centre in the Old City has been Found

Jerusalem Day 2001

Jerusalem Day - The March to the Temple Mount

Jerusalem Must Be Liberated Again

Jewish Connection to the Temple Mount

Egypt's Idea of Peace

Jerusalem in My Heart

1930 Moslem Council: Jewish Temple Mount ties 'Beyond Dispute'

The PA Mufti: Jews from Germany Should Return There

Avital Sharansky joins in 'Fight for Jerusalem

Loving and Losing Jerusalem

The Spirit of Jerusalem

500,000 Israelis Swear Faithfulness to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem

Does World Jewry Have a Say on Jerusalem ?

The Greatest Lie Ever Told About Jerusalem

The Hanukkah Event of the Temple Mount Faithful on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the Tombs of the Maccabees

Elections in Israel - a Godly end-time event

Did We Forget Thee, O Jerusalem?Terror Expert General (res.) Meir Dagan warns against dividing control over Jerusalem
Arafat: No concessions on JerusalemBreaching Jerusalem's Walls
JERUSALEM - 1948, 1967, 2000: Setting The Record Straight Whose Jerusalem? by Daniel Pipes
EYE ON THE MEDIA: Desperately seeking the Temple MountThe Answer to the Jerusalem Question
The Approaching Battle for Jerusalem and the War of Gog and MagogArabs Building a 5th Mosque on the Temple Mount
The Supreme Islamic Council has published a religious ruling according to which not one centimeter may be given up.Review of plans to divide/"share" Old City of Jerusalem with PA and PA security forces
The Tragedy of the Destruction on the Temple Mount and the Weakness of the Israeli Government to Stop it ContinuesJerusalem Day - 2000 - The March of the Faithful to Biblical Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
Israeli Ambassador States Jerusalem Will Remain United and Under Jewish ControlThe Moslem Direction [Jerusalem's lack of importance over Moslem history]
MK Benny Elon: Our Battle For Jerusalem

Whose "Promised Land"?
It would appear that the casual use of the expression "The Promised Land" has lost its meaning to those who would undo that Promise.

Moshe Kohn - Jerusalem in the Sources

Republicans: US should accept Jerusalem as capital
The Republican contenders for president, debating only days before the South Carolina primary, said the US should recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Should It Be Open For Negotiation?
Op-Ed: RECLAIMING JERUSALEM   by MK Rabbi Benny Elon
Casearea or Jerusalem?
If you hear that Casearea and Jerusalem are both in ruins or that both are flourishing peacefully, do not believe it. Believe only a report that Caesarea is in ruins and Jerusalem is flourishing or that Jerusalem is in ruins and Caesarea is flourishing.
Disney and Jerusalem - Two Government Statements
The pavilion prepared by Disney meets the educational-entertainment character of the center as well as the spirit of the Millennium Village: "To protect the past, present the present and look to the future".
Senior PA Negotiator Sees Jerusalem as Palestine's Capital
Speaking at a Ramallah press conference on Tuesday, senior PLO Authority (PA) negotiator Saeb Erekat stated that he hoped by the September 12, 2000 date by which the current process is to be completed, Israel would agree to eastern Jerusalem serving as the capital of a Palestinian state.
The Status of Jerusalem - March 1999
In light of the unique significance that the city of Jerusalem holds for the Jewish people, the Israeli government has consistently reiterated its position that while religious and cultural rights of all the city's communities must be guaranteed -- Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of the State of Israel, undivided, under exclusive Israeli sovereignty.

A Word from Jerusalem
As each month passes, we feel the growing intensity of the battle for Jerusalem. Whether the dispute is over a new Jewish neighbourhood at Har Homa, Israelis moving into a house they have bought on the Mount of Olives, or—as in the most recent case—the announcement of a plan to extend Jerusalem`s municipal boundaries, Israel and her friends watch in amazement as the most powerful governments on earth drop everything to condemn Israel.

Anglican Shenanigan
One may wonder about the sobriety of the suggestion by Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey that Syria is a model of peaceful coexistence between faiths from which "the world could learn."

Can Christians be Neutral or Non-Aligned?
The question of to whom the little land of Israel should belong seems to be a matter of constant discussion around the world. Has the Jewish nation the right to possess the area?

Whose Jerusalem? Quotes & Facts
"You (the Jews) have prayed for Jerusalem for 2000 years, and you shall have it."
Winston Churchill, cited in "The Time," London, May 5, 1938.

The Bible Is Our Mandate
"Jerusalem will always be the eternal and undivided capital of Israel."
But in reality, Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem is becoming weaker.

Jerusalem: Whose City
An eminent historian looks at the interests of Jews, Muslims and Christians

Jerusalem - The Capitol of Israel
In June 1967, the concrete walls and barbed-wire fences that had split Jerusalem in half for 19 years were joyfully demolished, reuniting the city and making the Capitol of Israel whole once more.

Menachem Begin's Prayer
On his first visit to the liberated Western Wall, in 1967, Menachem Begin was accompanied by the leaders of Herut and former commanders of the Irgun. He recited the following prayer which he had compiled for the occasion.

Christians Call For A United Jerusalem

Har Homa Is Not Calvary
Har Homa is not Calvary. It is part of modern Jerusalem.

Israel Slams UN Emergency Debate
April 1998. It was the first time since 1982 that the General Assembly met in an emergency session, and the fourth time the UN has debated the Jerusalem construction project since the beginning of March.

Jesus Is Returning to Jerusalem
Jerusalem is a spiritual centre not only for the Kingdom of God, but for opposing forces from the kingdom of darkness.

The Jerusalem Covenant
Jerusalem - The historic Covenant of Jerusalem was presented to the Israeli government on Wednesday, May 19, 1993.

A Covenant That Offers A Prayer
The Amana penned by Menachem Elon, the deputy president of the Supreme Court, is an intricate mosaic dealing with the centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish life from the time of Abraham to the present.

3000 years old - Jerusalem: A City for All Time
No experience quite equals that of viewing the old walled city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, especially for the first time.

Jerusalem: Visions From the Transcendental to the Prosaic
They returned hundreds of times to paint, photograph, or etch this sublime landscape - Jerusalem the mythical, leaping from the temporal to the supratemporal.

The Battle for Jerusalem Has Begun!
Scripturally, Jerusalem is the center of the earth. At some point in the future, it will be the ruling capital of the whole world.

The Meaning Of Jerusalem To Jews, Christians And Muslims
We shall try to understand what Jerusalem has meant to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and what it means to them today.

Jerusalem: The Symbol
To understand the events taking place in the Middle East today, one must understand the history and symbolic importance of Jerusalem to both Jews and Arabs.

Whose Jerusalem ?  by Eliyahu Tal Book Review
Just as the world gathers for the great Jerusalem carve-up, in steps Eliyahu Tal to upset the process and unseat the myriad pretenders to the throne over the holy city.

If I Forget Thee: Does Jerusalem Really Matter to Islam?
As it becomes clear that the struggle for Jerusalem will not wait, the outside world must confront the conflicting claims made by Jews and Muslims on the city that King David entered three millennia ago.

A Letter From Jerusalem
The following "letter" by a Jew to the Gentile world first appeared as an editorial in the long-defunct "Jerusalem Times" in 1969. Thirty years later, most the feelings and thoughts it conveys remain uncannily appropriate.

Don't Redivide Jerusalem
The decision to build at Har Homa is not a move that will "impede" the final status negotiations, but a clear signal that the redivision of Jerusalem is not considered negotiable by Israel.

Museum Exhibit That Sums It All Up (Jerusalem)
There's a small museum in the middle of the Cardo in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City which puts the current struggle over Jerusalem in context.

Whose Jerusalem ? Quotes and Facts

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Jerusalem !
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