July/August 2000

Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink

by Ruth and Nadia Matar

Ehud Barak is busy drying up the Country both physically and spirtitually. Instead of taking his ancestral giants the Prophets of Israel as his guiding star, he is choosing instead the ephemeral and worthless goal of being liked by Clinton, Arafat and the European nations. He virtually pleads to make peace with a war oriented Arafat, who is an unrepentant and unpunished murderer of Jewish children. His Prophet Ancestors would have castigated his patron Clinton for immorally welcoming the murderer Arafat to the White House. Moreover, these ancestral Prophets would have rejected the immorality of entering into any sort of arrangement or agreement with the evil represented by Arafat and his followers. Especially is this true when Arafat continues to spread the same unrelenting hatred towards the Jewish People, despite our turning over parts of our historic Jewish homeland to his control.

Barak refuses to recognize that a punishment has been visited on the Land by the lack of rain. Barak totally ignores the long history of dependence which this Land has on the grace of the Almighty. In Deuteronomy, and in their central prayer of Hear O Israel, Jews recognize this dependence. They thrice daily recite that the heavens will be opened and rain will descend only if and when we adhere to the God of Israel's Commandments.

Instead of taking precautionary measures to preserve the dwindling water supply which is confronting Israel, Barak continues to turn over huge amounts of our water to Jordan, who, at best, is a seriously questionable ally. Moreover, he is prepared to give over to our arch hostile enemy Syria, the area of our ancestral Golan Heights where approximately one-third of Israel's present water supply originates. He would also, at the same time, place in jeopardy the present main water supply of the Kinneret. By giving Syria the ability to contaminate the water supply of the Kinneret which it could easily do from the Golan Heights, Barak is both unwise, naive and irresponsible to the Children of Israel.

Source: Women In Green

This week's demonstration of the FORTY THOUSAND MOTHERS was held, as usual, on Sunday, July 2, between 8:30 and 10:30 in the morning, at the Rose Garden, opposite the Prime Minister's Office where the weekly Cabinet Meeting will take place. The theme of this week's demonstration: Barak is mis-managing and playing havoc with Israel's limited water supply resources.

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