Unmask Arafat!

By Stan Goodenough
Editor, Middle East Intelligence Digest,
a publication of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

You have to take your hat off to the man. In accusing Israel of "declaring war on the Palestinians", PLO leader Yasser Arafat has again demonstrated both his unmitigated gall, and enviable genius at getting the world to dance to his tune.

Somebody should fling Arafat's lying accusation back in his face:

No, Mr Arafat. Israel has not declared war on you. It is you who have regularly and repeatedly declared, and waged, war against the Jewish people.

In the years since you started out on your trail of terror, you and your organisation have sowed hatred and violence in counry after country.

When will just one Israeli politician or journalist openly confront Yasser Arafat with the truth, tear off the mask he has donned with the willing help of Israel's enemies, and expose for the world to see the illegitimacy of his claims, the perversness of his version of history, and the true, terrible nature of one of the worst ever perpetrators of crimes against humanity?

Stan Goodenough
Middle East Intelligence Digest
PO Box 1192
Jerusalem 91010
Tel: ..972.2.631418
Fax: ..972.2.631062

email: meid@icej.org.il

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