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Feature Article: UN Planned State of Israel as a Still-Birth
There is every indication that the leaders of the United Nations never intended that the nation of Israel was to live very long after she declared her independence May 14, 1948.
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Our New Project in Support of Israel
The purpose of this special section of our site, THE UNITED NATIONS & ISRAEL, is to trace the standings, attitudes, speeches and votes of the nation members, their Resolutions and Voting Records towards Israel and the Middle East generally:
1) In the General Assembly where resolutions are not internationally binding.
2) In the Security Council where resolutions are internationally binding.
3) In UN Agencies (such as WHO, UNESCO, UNAEC etc) which carry out the collective will of the UN decisions.
AND to note Canada's policies, positions and UN voting records concerning the Middle East in General, and Israel in particular. Articles with particular interest to Canadians are indicated with a small flag Canadian flag

AND to monitor the UN enforcement groups, including most recently NATO whose role has recently changed from "Peacekeeper" (Observer) to "Peacemaker" (Enforcer).

Where relevant LINKS will take you to key sights used in our researching; and we will post commentary and opinions from newspaper, magazine, journals, and other media sources.

SPECIAL - World Conference against Racism
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