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Israel's Response to the Resolution of the UNESCO Executive Board
(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Israel rejects out of hand the resolution adopted at the meeting of the UNESCO Executive Board in Paris on October 20, 2000. The resolution is unbalanced and incorporates political elements, constituting a deviation from UNESCO's authority and mission. The resolution also constitutes a politicization of an organization which is professional, in essence.

Those parties adopting the resolution chose not to denounce the Palestinians' sending of children to participate in acts of violence, despite the fact that UNESCO is responsible for educational issues; they preferred to ignore completely the calls of religious figures who incite the masses to kill Jews, despite the fact that the organization supports interfaith dialogue; and it failed to condemn those who burnt, destroyed and desecrated the Tomb of Joseph and the synagogue in Jericho, despite the fact that UNESCO is responsible for the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

The resolution includes a request to send an expert who will examine the state of Jerusalem's cultural heritage, following recent events. Israel will not agree to accept a UNESCO expert, in the context of this one-sided resolution.

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