The unique, 2000-year-old Roman aquaduct on the outskirts of Bethlehem -- the most important relic since the time of Jesus, according to the Israel Museum's curator -- was bulldozed down by Arab real estate developers shortly after the Palestinian Authority was given charge of the area by Israel as part of the peace agreement with the PLO. The aquaduct carried water from Hebron to Jerusalem in Roman times.

Since Israel has had a strict policy of preserving all such important relics from the inception of the State, and the Israeli people have always demon strated great reverence and care for any historical site or item, Israeli archeologists were shocked and angered by the destruction of this Latin-inscription-dated, nearly intact structure.

The Israeli Civil Administration had agreed to development of the area on condition that the aqueduct be protected, according to the latest issue of the Jerusalem DISPATCH, and reported earlier by Britain's Sunday TELEGRAPH.

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