Know Thine Enemy

By Uri Dan(November 9) - The French say, ˆ la guerre comme ˆ la guerre, and they are right. You cannot make love to your enemy and fight him at the same time. You can't defeat your enemy on the battlefield if at the at the same time you are trying to make peace with him.

Ask the French, who have fought several battles with the Germans over the past 130 years. They did not achieve peace with them until they had regained sovereignty over Alsace-Lorraine.

However, French President Jacques Chirac believes we should behave differently towards Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat than the French acted towards the Germans, and that Israel should surrender to its enemy's demands, even regarding Jerusalem.

Ask Chirac how Georges Clemenceau and Charles de Gaulle would have behaved, how he himself would have acted were Paris, the capital of love, under attack.

Arafat certainly does not wish to make love, nor peace with Israel. He has gone to war against Israel, as was expected by everyone who has followed this column over recent years.

The Israeli public has lost its direction, and has even shown signs of despair in recent weeks, because its leaders are not prepared to admit the truth - that this intifada is liable to deteriorate into all-out war.

The cabinet ministers are at most prepared to call the situation "a state of emergency." Regional Cooperation Minister Shimon Peres's Chamberlain-like visit with Arafat in Gaza, the poor man's Munich, created an illusion of "peace now" - an immediate cease fire. Within a few hours, it became clear that Arafat was not even prepared to make a joint call with Barak for a cessation of violence.

Indeed, the government continued to deceive the Jews in order to remain in power. In order to understand how scores of Jews were deceived into believing that the situation "isn't that bad" during the darkest periods of Jewish history, and then killed, pay attention to what is happening in this country now. The government reassures us: "there is a cease fire," or "we are going to America for talks," or "Arafat is a partner."

This is at a time when it is obvious Arafat will never be a partner in peace. He demonstrated this once again when he gave orders to his Tanzim, his police, and his children to open fire on Israel.

The government, which has castrated the IDF, is presenting every miserable piece of paper that Barak signs in Washington as a "peace agreement."

There are some who are not prepared to let Arafat's deception come to light, because they are accomplices: Shimon Peres and Justice Minister Yossi Beilin are the leaders of this scam.

They established the start up company entitled "Arafat's peace" in Oslo in September 1993, sold shares to public, and inflated their value. Only recently did their ruse become clear to the citizenry, and residents of Gilo in particular.

Jews, even from the sane Left, have begun to throw away these junk bonds, and have realized that Arafat is not only a swindler and a cheat but also a murderer. Even quintessential peaceniks like Barak and Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami have been obliged to announce that Arafat is giving the orders to open fire to his Tanzim.

The company founders, Peres, Beilin, and partners, are making a supreme effort to save their careers. For this reason they are ready to sit with Arafat and continue to circulate his lies, as long as they don't have to sit with Likud leader Ariel Sharon, the sole leader capable of rescuing Israel from Oslo's death trap.

Peres and Beilin, this is a lost battle. The Jews have always won, and they will win again - but for a higher price than was necessary.

It could have been different.

Most Jews now identify the enemy - Arafat. The Jews will again act normally. They will remember the lesson, "know thine enemy," which was deliberately ignored in recent years.

Arafat helped to reveal the naked truth about himself. He was the one who aroused the Jews from the sleep brought upon them by those like Peres and Beilin.

The day is not far off when Beilin and Peres will be ashamed to leave their homes while Jews take action against Arafat.

©Jerusalem Post

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