The 'Theft' of the Temple Mount Continues

Many of our readers may remember that this summer, before all the noise about the so-called "Al-Aksa Intifada" started, GAMLA published a special section about the Arab work on the Temple Mount.

The Barak government allowed the 'Wakf' (the Moslem authority on the Mount) to build a new 'mosque' underneath the Mount itself. The Israeli authority for antiques declared that this "building" was actually a cover for the desecration and erasure of the Jewish presence on the Mount.

Things went so far that a petition by many leading secular and leftists political and cultural leaders petitioned the Barak government to stop the desecration (including: Teddy Kollek, A.B. Yehoshua, Yehuda Amichai (who has since passed away) and even the far left S. Yizhar).

GAMLA wishes to point out that the story was what led Likud leader Arik Sharon to visit the Temple Mount in September 2000 which then led to the intifada" which then "erased" from the world the fact of the terrible" deeds of the Wakf.

Israel Radio, deep into their 6 O'clock morning news, reported that a group of Israeli archeologists *again* have come out against the extended work" the Wakf is doing".

Israel Radio checked with the police and the they replied that the Barak government has allowed the work, but that they will check to see that the Wakf has not exploited the recent violence to go over what they were permitted.

GAMLA wishes to note that both the archeologists and the petition to Barak insisted that the work on this so-called 'mosque' is actually erasing the physical proof of the First Temple.

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