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Haarlem Holland
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The Béjé


Barteljoristraat 19

Haarlem Holland

Ten Boom Museum

In 1837, WILLEM TEN BOOM founded a clock and watch shop. Later it passed to his son Casper, and then to Casper's daughter Corrie. The House, called the Béjé (short for Barteljorisstraat), has become a symbol which surpasses its national boundaries. In keeping with its history, there still is a watchmaker working today in the Ten Boom House.

THE TEN BOOM FAMILY dedicated their lives in Christian service to their home was 'an open house'for anyone in need of help. They were most active in doing social work in the town of Haarlem, and their faith inspired them to serve both the Church and society at large.

DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR, the Béjé became a refuge, a Hiding Place for fugitives and hunted people who were sought by the enemy.

By protecting these people, father Casper and his daughters risked their lives. Their nonviolence resistance against the Nazi-oppressor was an act of faith. This faith led them to hide jews, students who refused to co-operate with the enemy, and members of the Dutch 'underground' resistance movement.

The béjé accommodated these refugees until it was 'safe' to smuggle them to other familys. In this way, the Béjé became a center of 'underground' activities with a network of contacts. Through these activities the Ten Boom family, with their friends, saved many lives.

ON FEBRUARI 28 1944, the family was betrayed and the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, raided the house. There they arrested six members of the family. During the next hours about 30 friends, who came to the Béjé unaware of the betrayal, were also arrested and taken to prison. The Gestapo did not, however, discover four jews and two members of the Resistance. They managed to reach safety by hiding behind the false wall in Corrie's bedroom. The Gestapo stayed in the house a number of days because they were convinced that there were jews hiding in the Béjé. Since they could not locate them, they hoped to starve them until they surrendered. Fortunately, the six refugees were liberated by the Resistance after they had been in the narrow hiding space for two-and-half days, without food and water. Casper (84), Betsie (59) and Christiaan (24) died as prisoners, whilst Willem (60) died shortly after the war.

CORRIE SURVIVED Ravenbrück concentration camp. When the war was over, she travelled around the world with a calling. In thirty-two years she visited sixtu-four countries to testify of God's love. Corrie encouraged all those she met with the message that Jesus Christ is Victor over all and everything, even the misery of the concentration camp.

MORE THAN 200 BOOKS have been written, both by Corrie Ten Boom and by others, about the life and work of the Ten Boom Family. Most of these books may be purchased at the museum.

THE HISTORY OF THE TEN BOOM FAMILY is a testimony of their love and loyalty toward the Jewish people. Both Jews and Christians are thankful the Béjé has once again become an 'Open House', a living memorial to the Ten Boom family who lived as Christians by grace and obedience to the Lord. It is hoped that many visitors will find inspiration by the example from the Ten Boom family.

THE TEN BOOM MUSEUM IS MORE THAN JUST A MEMORIAL… it reflects the spiritual strength and the active life in faith, by means of exhibiting documents, photographs and other mementos. The house has been partly restored in the setting of that period, and carries a message for today. The Ten Boom Clock and Watch shop has been refurnished. A watchmaker carries out this meticulous work of repairing watches on the spot in the shop itself.

The Corrie Ten Boom House Foundation has an Board and an advisory Council which supervises the foundation. The foundation is entered in the register of foundations no S.224617, and listed as a charitable, non-profit organization. The aim of the Foundation is to keep alive the spiritual heritage of the Ten Boom Family of Haarlem as a sign and inspiration for many.

Your supporting partnership can be realized by sending a check or transfer to:

Corrie Ten Boom "Hiding Place" (DBA M.E.M., Inc) 1323 Hazel Street, Texarkana TX 75501 USA

All corespondence should be adressed to:

Stichting Corrie ten Boomhuis, P.O. Box 2237, 2002 CE HAARLEM, HOLLAND

The Ten Boom Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. (November 1st to April 1st from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) A guided tour takes about 45 minutes and is conducted by volunteer guides wh relate the experiences of the Ten Boom Family. The Museum is closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.

Admittance to the museum is free of charge. We appreciate donations in our blessing box. Tours for larger groups ( up to a maximum of 30 persons) are possible by arrangment.

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