Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

MEMRI: Holocaust Denial in the Syrian Media
MEMRI Special Dispatch - Syria

No. 71

February 2, 1999

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Holocaust Denial in the Syrian Media

The Editor of the Syrian Regime's daily, Tishrin, Muhammad Kheir Al-Wadi,
wrote an article (January 31, 2000) in which he denies the Holocaust and
accuses Zionism of being worse than Nazism. The article, titled "The Plague
of the Third Millenium", was published in the backdrop of the trial of
Holocaust denier David Irving in England and the international conference on
the Holocaust that was recently held in Stockholm.

"The Nazi war-machine annihilated more than 50 million lives, including
Russians, Poles, French, Italians, and people of other nationalities.
However, Zionism erased the blood of all those victims from the human
[collective] memory and focused on the suffering of the Jews during the war.
This, despite the fact that there is sound historical proof that Zionist
leaders collaborated with the Nazis in order to escalate the Jewish Problem.
Furthermore, some of them did not hesitate to commit murders and direct
terror attacks [against Jews] in order to encourage Jewish immigration to
Palestine. This, of course, in full cooperation with the German Nazi

"Zionism hides the dark chapters of its black history. It invents stories
regarding the Nazi Holocaust in which the Jews suffered and inflates them to
astronomic proportions..."

"The problem is not in the Zionist ambition to forge history, but rather in
the Zionist organizations' ambitions to revive their distorted version of
history and use it to deceive international public opinion, win its empathy,
and blackmail it..."

"Israel and the Zionist organizations strive for two goals: first, to be
granted more funds from Germany and European states and institutions;
second, they want to use the legend of the Holocaust as a sword hanging over
the necks of all those who oppose Zionism who are accused of
anti-Semitism..." (1)

"The countries of the world, that fiercely condemned the crimes of Nazism,
[should] adamantly oppose the new Nazi Plague that breeds in Israel and
whose poisons and dangers are being spread wherever it reaches..."

"This is a kind of ideological and physical terrorism that was known even in
the darkest centuries in Europe. While history turned the page on the Nazi
acts, the Zionist terrorist acts reached their peak. They committed
massacres against innocent people and led a policy of aggression and
expansion. This is the plague of the twentieth century that was passed to
the third millennium and it spread destruction in every place it
reached..." (2)

"The Zionists try to strangle any voice that reveals the truth... However,
these voices [Holocaust deniers like Roger Garaudy and David Irving who were
mentioned in the text] and other such voices have already left their marks
on European public opinion and media who have started to raise questions
that refresh the memory and establish the truth that was distorted by the

"This stream [of Holocaust deniers] has cast fear in the hearts of the
Zionist movement that quickly convened a conference on the Holocaust in
Stockholm in order to turn the Zionist lies into common knowledge..."

"The Zionist effort does not stop at paralyzing human memory, it also tries
to shatter logic and distort reality. Israel, that presents itself as the
heir of Holocaust victims, has committed and still commits much more
terrible crimes than those committed by the Nazis. The Nazis did not expel
a whole nation nor buried people and prisoners alive, as the Zionists did."


(1) Al-Hayat (London-Beirut), February 1, 2000
(2) The Syrian News Agency, January 31, 2000
(3) The French News Agency, February 1, 2000

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