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Christian Action for Israel

Say "NO" To Syria

Dear Friends,

It is URGENT to WRITE to our government representatives NOW! The Canadian government must TAKE A STAND and vote NO to Syria's request for a seat in the Security Council which will take place in October.

In her excellent letter in the Canadian Jewish News on Wednesday, Judy Feld Carr wrote,

"Anything other than a resounding negative vote (not an abstention) by Canada on Syria's candidacy for a seat on the United Nations Security Council would be a betrayal of everything for which this country stands."
Ms Carr goes on to list the reasons:
*Syria's sponsorship of terrorism
*antisemitism voiced in front of the Pope
*oppression of minorities
*oppression of the Jewish community held hostage for over half a century
*a repressive dictatorship
During this past week's tragedy in the US, Syria has been identified as a major supporter of international terrorism. Syria is on the US State Department's list of terrorist states. While at Durban for the WCAR Syria was amongst the most racist of representatives!

For a country which takes pride in preserving human rights, it would be wrong for Canada to show any support for Syria - Canada should attempt to block Syria's bid for a seat in the UN Security Council. At the bottom I have included a letter by Canadian Jewish Congress National president, Keith Landy, to FM Manley to use as a guide.

PLEASE WRITE (or FAX) Manley and your own MP (Chretien if you wish):

The Right Honourable Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada
Fax: (613) 941 6900

The Honourable John Manley Minister of Foreign Affairs:

To find out the email address or Fax # of your MP just click on the following URL and it will take you to the Canada site - scroll down six lines to "To find your MP..." - click on link - enter your zip code - it will provide you with the information.



August 23, 2001

Hon. John Manley, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Foreign Affairs
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2

Dear Minister:

I write on behalf of Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) to convey our utter astonishment and dismay that Canada, according to published reports, would even consider endorsing the candidacy of Syria for rotating membership on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Given the system of regional groupings that dictates non-permanent membership on many UN bodies, the success of Syria's bid for a Security Council seat may be a foregone conclusion. Canada, however, should not be a party to such a travesty.

Syrian representation on the UN Security Council is an oxymoron. The reasons for this are well known to you and I need not catalogue them in any great detail. Suffice to say that Syria, by word and action, has proven itself over time to be totally antithetical to everything that the United Nations is supposed to stand for and represent. Its human rights record is among the world's most abysmal and Syria is in its third decade as a US State Department-designated sponsor of international terrorism. The ruthless dictator now running this dynastic despotism appears to be even more viscerally antisemitic and anti-Israel than his father, and that is no mean achievement.

Syria's candidacy for the UNSC may succeed because of the bloc of countries that share its commitment to destroying the State of Israel but in reality it fails to meet the objective criteria for membership. Canada's support for Syria will resonate well amongst these oppressive régimes but ought to be completely inexplicable to Canadians who value human rights, fundamental freedoms, respect for diversity, in short, all of the hallmarks of a democratic state seeking to live in peace with its neighbours.

Having so recently served a term as a non-permanent member of the Security Council, Canada should be particularly sensitive to the valuable role that countries can play on this body if they are dedicated to improving the human condition around the world in keeping with UN goals and objectives. Syria can in no way be counted among such states.

CJC respectfully urges you to announce immediately that Canada will not support Syria's candidacy for the United Nations Security Council.


Keith M. Landy
National President

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