Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

Official Syrian paper on Israel's "most famous myth...the so-called Holocaust"

Holocaust !!!?? Again

Syria Times 6 September 2000

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Mohammad Daoud

History doesn't witness people who mastered lying, dodgery and creating myths as the Israelis .

Of their most famous myths were the so-called Holocaust.

Since the invention of this word, they have been living on it and blackmailing all the world.

Through this alleged Holocaust, the Palestinian people were and still exposed to inhuman practices by the Israelis.

Many European intellectuals and historians have recently broken the silence, revealing the truth of the so-called Holocaust. As a matter of fact, this Holocaust exists only in the minds of terrorist like Yitzhak Shamir, Ovadia Yosef and others.

Research made by the Jewish writer "Morjensctern", which was published by some Israeli papers in the early 1970'have shown that the Zionists leaders' goals were never to save Jews from the death camps.

Morjenschtern revealed that the chairman of the salvation committee and member of the presidency of Jewish Agency, Jrenbour , stated that the money of the Jewish National Fund must be dispensed forth with to carry out the Zionist project in Palestine. Furthermore, there is no need to spend money to save jews from Nazists...!

In his book "Treachery" the Jewish writer Bin Hicket said that hundreds of thousands of jews were rounded up in ghettos after which they were sent to Ausvenzem and other camps in order to be exterminated without knowing their destination or destiny.

In some cases in which Zionists failed to make chosen emigrants to enter Palestine. They sentenced those emigrants to death without hesitation, they then waged huge propaganda campaigns to play with the blood of their victims.

To illustrate this, when the "Batria" ship reached Haifa harbour in 1942 its cargo being hundreds of Jewish emigrants. But the British officials wouldn't allow them to debark offering to head to Madagascar. The Zionists having failed in their quest to persuade the British authorities, they blew up the ship with all the emigrants on board. In the wake of that blast, they launched a hostile propaganda campaign, alledging that the emigrants carried out a mass suicide pact exactly the same Zionist gangs did with the passengers of Stromi ship who met with the same fate.

One of the best known and notorious Gestapo Zionist agent was Dr. Rudolf Kistner the permanent envoy of the World Jewish Council.

He was not the only Zionist official who dealt with theGestapo. Mandler, a representative of the Jewish agency in former Czechoslovakia, was also an agent for chairman of the Gestapo branch in Czechoslovakia, Fosch.

According to confessions made by one of the Zionist S.S top officers Karl Dam, the Nazists formed the Jewish police from Zionists to keep the peace at "Teriseen" Camp in Czechoslovakia.

Dam added that thanks to the assistance of the Zionists agents, they were able to send more than 400,000 Jewish from Czechoslovakia to Ghettos and holding camps between 1941 till 1945.

German writer Julius Madir affirmed that there is a long list of zionist Leaders who strongly collaborated with Nazis. Their names fill 16 pages. Amongst those were a number of top officials in "Israel",
for example, Haem Weizman, Mosche Sharet, David Bin Gorion, Yitzhak Shamir and others.

The most important Nazis friends of the Zionists were Kurt Becher and Adolf Eichman chairman of the Gestapo brand W.B4.

Despite the public hostility of Zionism towards Nazism to the extent of imposing political and financial extortion (blackmail) on successive German governments in the wake of the World War II, the documents published by the "Schezen" Magazine highlighted the secret bids offered by Zionism to collaborate with Nazism.

These documents revealed that the terrorist organisation Argon" which the terrorist Yitzhak Shamir was one of its founders, made secret contacts with the Zionism regime through German marine attache at the Germany Embassy in Turkey.

The key point of the Argon's offer to the Nazi government is that the goals of the terrorist gang are fit completely with the Reich government goals in terms of the necessity for evacuating jews out of Europe as a step towards establishing a new order in Europe. This dream would have be realized except for transporting European Jews to Palestine, consequently, a joint cooperation could be achieved between Nazism and Zionism, this in turn would secure the continuous cooperation after establishing of the Jewish state.

The terrorist Argon had also expressed their desire to take part in the battles along with Germany.

In this respect, there is also a celebrated French thinker who disclosed the Zionists lies and deception. French Historian "Henry Rock" who wrote a thesis to obtain doctorate degree form Nants University in 1977 in which he tried to deny the existence of gas chambers at the Nazis concentration camps. Mr. Rock has already published several studies and articles in French papers in which he documents this subject .

He was under great pressure of a savage media campaign in France accusing him of being a Nazi, anti-semitism and belonging to the (extreme) far right.

French Higher Education and Research Minister, at that time, Alan Difakie" has issued a decision on abolishing the discussion of Rock's Doctorate degree and consequently banning him from receiving the doctorate degree.

Not only this, a French court has issued a conviction for the historian and fined him with 100,000 French Franc to the editors-in-chief who allowed Rock's articles to be published.

All these things happened according to the ill-famed law which provides for hindering any person of suspecting any crimes against humanity.

It is a crystal clear that the extermination camps had existed in all Nazi camps. but they were spread all over the northern Europe countries that adopt Christian protestant views. At the same time, bodies of the prisoners and those of German officers were exposed to cleansing also. There was a great need for health reasons for de-licing procedure in arrest camps as there were huge gatherings of prisoners.

The Germans were afraid of diseases and infestation of lice. Actually there were typhoid, collera and Malaria attacking some camps, so burning bodies was the best way to prevent the further spreading of epidemic diseases.

As for gas chambers, Mr. Rock added, no one doubt that it existed at arrest camps, bout there a grave doubts that they were used to kill. Apparently, these gas chambers only existed for purification in which clothes and personal tools were put in order to sterilise them from germs.

German soldiers who returned home coming from the Russian front were stopped at specific gathering places were their clothes and tools put in gas chambers in fear of epidemic and diseases.

From all these crystal facts, we strongly believe that gas chambers were not used for the burning of Jews.

May be they existed(gas chambers) in the mind of the terrorist snake Ovadia Yosef.

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