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1st Quarter 2005         

For this we want to commit suicide?

By Jan Willem van der Hoeven - March 23, 2005

For not even a proper ceasefire Israel is willing to commit suicide and bring herself to the brink of civil war, while Israel’s enemies will exploit this lull in the fighting and the subsequent Israeli withdrawal from Gaza to establish there a bastion of deadly terror.

To tear the nation cruelly apart by decreeing that Jews cannot live in peace where Arabs form a majority. They have to leave their own G-d given land torn from their houses so that Gaza and other parts of the ancient homeland of the Jews can be made ‘Judenrein’, that is totally free of Jews. Israeli Jews cannot even any more visit Jericho after it for the so maniest time has been given over to Palestinian control. The city has to be made free of Jews – not even a visit of them is allowed. That’s the extent of the peace the Muslim Arab world seeks with the Jews. The Israelis have to get out of every area they claim for themselves, in contrast to Israel who has to learn to live with over 1 million Israeli Arabs, many of whose loyalties increasingly make them side with the enemies of their own Jewish State, even so far as giving help to those who plant bombs or are willing to become bombs themselves.

So what if Mr. Bush or Tony Blair were to be told that they were to evacuate their own homes to make place for those who have mutilated or murdered their offspring like the Cohen family in Gush Katif who after a terrorist attack on the school-bus have now 3 of their children maimed for life without some of their limbs? Would President Bush or Tony Blair give their houses to people that perpetrate such things?

David Hatuel who had his wife and five children slain, literally shot to pieces by such terrorists now has to evacuate his carefully built home to those who rejoiced at the murder of his wife and all his children?

It is truly unthinkable! And an Israeli government that will force this solution upon some of her finest people, many of them G-d fearing people, will bear the consequences of this terrible inhumane and cruel act! An act that will not even lead to a semblance of peace but to the very opposite as Carolyn Glick so rightly wrote in Friday’s Jerusalem Post column, frighteningly true:

On Wednesday, Abbas went a step further. He told the terror masters who are now based in Damascus that after the exit of Israeli forces and civilians from Gaza and the transfer of control over the international border with Egypt to the PLO, they would all be invited to move their headquarters to the Gaza Strip.

That is, Abbas said that in the aftermath of the implementation of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to forcibly expel 8,000 Jews from their homes and end all IDF counterterror operations inside Gaza, Abbas will respond by transforming it into a base for global terrorism.

In the same Jerusalem Post article she writes:

In their discussions in Cairo, the various terror chieftains have been employing the explicit vocabulary of jihad to describe their various positions. Reportedly on Thursday, Islamic Jihad and Hamas accepted the idea of a "thahadiya" or a temporary cessation of attacks for a defined time period. In jihad rhetoric, the purpose of a "thahadiya" is to regroup to enable the forces of jihad to fight their infidel enemy more successfully in the next round.

Jews and Christians have been praying and crying out to G-d to prevent this all last Thursday the 17th of March and will do so again next Thursday the 24th of March from sunset to sundown – also in solidarity with these courageous people of Israel. I believe, as I have written before, that G-d in his justice and great mercy will find a way to stop this folly, a mainly unilateral evacuation which will not even lead to a semblance of peace!

His answer however may be swift and terrifying for those who failed to hear the pleadings of their G-d and the cries and sufferings of their own brethren.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

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