The ad below was paid for by members of Canadian Friends of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem

The Province, British Columbia, Friday, June 3, 1983


WE AFFIRM our faith in the Hebrew-Christian Scriptures and their command that we love God and our neighbour; that we pray for our leaders, our nation (I Timothy 2:1-3), and more particularly for our Jewish friends here and in Israel (Psalm 122:6), that they will be better understood, appreciated and defended.

WE APPRECIATE their presence in, and their contribution to this nation, and we are prepared to defend and protect their individual and collective rights especially against the forces of anti-Semitism (Genesis 12:3).

WE GIVE THANKS to God for the Jewish people who recorded and preserved the Word of God, and through whom God gave us the Bible and our Saviour.

WE APOLOGIZE for "Christian" anti-Semites, and for our country's anti-Semitic immigration policy before, during, and after World War II; and the double standards applied against Israel in international affairs.

WE APPEAL to all Canadians, especially those professing to be Christians, to join with us in combating and eliminating this expression of racial hatred.

Those who signed this ad printed in the Vancouver Province newspaper: 464

Typical Comments:

I was deeply moved by your "Christian Statement Against Anti-Semitism" in the June 3rd Province. Your public statement is like a warm and reassuring handshake from your people to my people. It tells me that Christians can love Christ without hating us Jews. With love and gratitude to all of you! Yours sincerely, Mollie R.

I could not believe myself when I was reading your statement. We know your organization from the Netherlands and it gives us such a good feeling to know that there are friends all over the world. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. May God bless your great effort for peace. Yours faithfully.

I was extremely pleased and gratified to see your full page ad in The Province of Friday, June 3, 1983. The struggle against racism and anti-Semitism is a long and difficult one, and your action reaffirms the basic and human qualities which that struggle tries to reach. It is a truly great person who recognizes the problems and double standards applied to others. Thank you. Yours very truly, Bernard P.

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