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The UN General Assembly has held just 10 "emergency special sessions" since 1950. Two things are worth noting:

The obsession with Israel (five out of 10 special sessions).

The incongruity of Har Homa's inclusion in a list of "emergencies" that includes such crises as the Soviet invasions of Hungary and Afghanistan.

Topic      Date      Convened by

1. Middle East Nov 1-10 1956 Security Council

[Suez crisis]

2. Hungary Nov 4-10 1956 Security Council

[Soviet invasion]

3. Middle East Aug 8-21 1958 Security Council

[revolt in Lebanon]

4. Congo Sept 17-19 1960 Security Council

[secessionist violence]

5. Middle East Jun 17-Sept 18 1967 USSR

[Six Day War]

6. Afghanistan Jan 10-14 1980 Security Council

[Soviet invasion]

7. "Palestine" Jul 22-29 1980, Apr 20-28, 1982 Senegal

[settlements, Jerusalem] Jun 25-26 1982, Aug 16-19 1982 Sept 24 1982,

8. Namibia Sept 3-14 1981 Zimbabwe

[Namibia/Angola/S.A conflict]

9. "Occupied Arab territories Jan 29-Feb 5 1982 Security Council

[Golan Heights]

10. "Occupied East Jerusalem Apr 24-25 1997 Qatar and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory"

[Har Homa]

How they voted:

THE General Assembly resolution demanded the "immediate and full cessation" of construction at Har Homa, Jerusalem and urged all states to stop "all forms of assistance and support for illegal Israeli activities", notably in building settlements in disputed areas. It requested UN secretary-general Kofi Annan to report back within two months on whether Israel has stopped the work in Jerusalem.

One hundred and thirty-four nations supported the resolution, three opposed it - Israel, the US, and the tiny Pacific island federation of Micronesia - and 11 abstained - Germany, Australia, Canada, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Marshall Islands, Norway, Romania, Rwanda and Uruguay.

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