The Israel Report

March 2001

1948 - by Reuven Rubin

The Side the News Doesn't Report

by Ron Cantrell

We suffer more from a misinformation war than from bullets by nonsense from Arabs who call themselves "Christians" here. That is why we stand so adamantly on the Zionist side of the fence. There are plenty of bleeding hearts on the other side to cry in the ears of the media in favor of Palestinian terrorists who stand with blood dripping from their hands as they "put on the face" for the media.

One of the Hebrew news sources said yesterday that we could be shooting candy at the raging Palestinians, and handing out roses to the car bombers as they come through to perpetrate terror attacks and still be labeled, "cruel occupiers" since the world does not like occupiers. All other logic goes out the window.

It does not seem to matter to the West what the facts are. We have been sending out the facts for almost 30 years and still gullable leaders will listen when Arafat's cronies claim that the Temple Mount is theirs and the Western Wall is really the Al-Buraq Wall and the Jews have no right to even pray there and stick their notes in the Wall. Why do I think that so serious? Who lifted a finger, or a voice when Joseph's Tomb (holy to Jews for millennia) was torn to shreds and a mosque built over the top of it in Nablus (biblically known as Shechem). It happened almost overnight. They will take the Temple Mount and the world will stand by and watch.

Each school taken over or house torn down by Israel because Arafat's militias are using them to fire upon Israeli neighborhoods seems unworthy of "NEWS" by reporters. Now we are getting bad press from the Red Cross of all people. They stand in front of a torn down house handing out tents for the homeless and blankets without asking once why the house no longer stands. Israel is showing more restraint than any nation I can imagine in the face of their situations.

But, I do have to warn that the judgements that the world is passing on a nation fighting for its very existence will come back to haunt those handing down the judgements. The BBC has been the worst in its reporting of issues here in Israel. They have ranged from sneering half-truth reports, to outright libelous documentaries against the Jewish people that I have not seen the likes of since Hitler's propaganda mill churned out Joseph Gobbel's hate documentaries. They were so bad that they were banned all over the world except in Islamic nations.

Unknowingly Christian Pastors are the most strategic pawns in Arafat's propaganda machine. The Christian community needs to realize that Arab Christian neighborhoods are the Palestinians easiest targets. The plan is to draw Israeli fire upon them to make Christians want to leave Israel. The Palestinians do not want Jews here, but they also do not want Christians here.

Thank God, Israel still controls the Gaza airport to keep big war arms from being flown in. Israel opened the airport to facilitate the pilgrims coming home from Mecca this week. As soon as passengers deplaned they began shooting at Israeli forces - the airport had to be closed again.

What the world does not know is that while the PA is raging against Israel and killing their citizens in shooting incidents and terror attacks, Israel sends millions of shekels monthly to keep their government going. Israeli victims of terror attacks are now trying to get a legal hand hold to stop the flow of money to Arafat from Israel to pay punitive damages for their murdered loved ones. Why does CNN not cover that? All hospitalization and health care is on Israel's bill. Note in the story that the ill were coming into Israel to get to a hospital - they have few and poorly staffed and supplied. Where have all the world's donated monies to Arafat gone. Even the Arab nations want to know. All water is supplied by Israel. All power and electricity is supplied by Israel as Palestine has no natural resources of its own. There is not enough of an infrastructure to run a state by the wildest stretch of the imagination. But, this is not newsworthy to CNN, BBC or any other news agency. They expect Israel to take the abuse and still foot the bill. And amazingly Israel suffers with an introverted sense of guilt strong enough to agree that somehow they owe it to them and will continue to support the raging hate filled population of the so called State of Palestine.

Corruption by Arafat's PA officials is now demanding to be investigated by none other than Arabic donor nations. Many of the big-wigs in Arafat's government are literally fleeing to other nations to save their necks from the ax. I am sure they will flee to nations where they have deposited the money meant for Palestinian municipality services. The State of Palestine can never come to being with the present government. Both in 1947 and now in our own day when the State was offered, first by the U.N. decree and now by the Israeli government itself, it was turned down by the Palestinians themselves because they want it all in one gulp.

So, there are answers to the situations here if people will listen. The solution to the whole thing is for the Tanzim, Hamas, Hizbollah, PFLP, PLA and all other terrorist organizations to give up their agenda against Israel and Arab Christians and stop their violence. Israel is not chasing them, they are the confronters of Israel at every hot spot. Then accept the "State" that Israel is offering them without needing to take enough to show the rest of the Arab world that they have won their revenge against enemies of Allah.

But, sadly, the truth of the matter is that Arafat is not in control. Anarchy amongst the factions are in control and they are out of control. They do not agree among themselves. They murder each other. (More Palestinians are dying within their own ranks than by the other side, but you don't see those funerals on TV). I knew that we have entered the age of lies this week when it was considered a faux pas for Collin Powell to refer to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They labeled the following apologies "damage control." That tells me that Arafat's "Big Lie" is now accepted truth. Prayer is our only resource.
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