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April 2001         

Should the Palestinians Have a State?

April, 05 2001

It has become axiomatic since Oslo that there is a Palestinian people, and that they are oppressed and disenfranchised and deserve to express their national identity by having a state of their own. This state is to be situated on the lands captured by Israel in the Six Day War, and will be run by the Palestinian Authority headed by Yasser Arafat.

Let's think about this. In the light of recent events, what kind of state can we expect the Palestinian people to establish?

AND TO THOSE who say that the Palestinian people are not to blame, but only their present leadership, I would like to point out that the Palestinian people has chosen, and continue to choose, its leadership every day by passively accepting the dictates of the Palestinian Authority with Arafat at its head. There are enough guns and ammunition in the hands of enough people to cause Arafat quite a bit of trouble should the Palestinian people choose to change its leadership.

In light of the above, I would like to ask all those progressive, liberal people whose hearts yearn to see a Palestinian state set up in the West Bank and Gaza: What is the matter with you? Does the world really need yet another corrupt state of Moslem extremists to misconstrue their own religion, and dishonor the religion and cultural artifacts of others? Do we really need to empower yet another murderous, corrupt, inhumane regime and give it legitimacy?

To what end? And to whose benefit?

Many might agree that a people that approves of deliberately shooting a 10-month-old baby through the head as she lies in her carriage in a playground as a legitimate form of combat deserves the curse of living in such a state.

But should the world really agree in good conscience to help set it up?

The truth is that anyone who really cares about the Palestinians, anyone with an ounce of real humanity or liberalism, should oppose the establishment of such a state under current conditions with every fiber of their being. For the sake of the Palestinian people. And for the sake of all mankind.

Because the truth is, no one deserves to live in the Palestinian state that Arafat and his henchmen are creating.

Not even the Palestinians.

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