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SeptOct 2003         

Separation – Now

by Reva Sharon - September 16, 2003
No words can adequately express the grief we Israelis are suffering after two murderous bombings in one day that took the lives of 15 people on September 9th. We have been grieving for three years over the mounting deaths of our people – close to 900 lives reported lost at the hands of terrorists. We are a people whose numbers are small – diminished by six million who perished in the Holocaust. They died because they were Jews. We have been diminished by the thousands who have been killed by terrorism and wars both before and after the birth of our state, Israel – because they were Jews. How many among us are the wounded? Thousands upon thousands. How many survivors? All of us, each of us, in one way or another. We must protect ourselves by separation from those who would destroy us.

The time has come to not only say enough, we must act to ensure as best we can that terrorism will be defeated. Never again shall a father and his daughter, sharing moments together the evening before her wedding, be slaughtered by a homicide bomber seeking Islamic martyrdom. Never again shall a doctor who heads a trauma unit and is a specialist in treating the victims of terrorism, even wounded terrorists, be slain by a would be Arab martyr. Never again shall young soldiers at a bus stop on their way home from their base be slaughtered by a homicide bomber seeking Islamic martyrdom. Never again shall a couple sharing the news that they will be the parents of twins be slaughtered by an Arab fanatic along with their never to be born babies. Never again shall children returning from prayers at the Western Wall be slaughtered by a homicide bomber on a bus seeking Islamic martyrdom. Never again shall young boys on an adventure in the hills near their home be bludgeoned to death by Arabs seething with hatred. Never again shall Reservists returning to their families, who take a wrong turn into an Arab populated city be beaten to death in the police station, by fanatics who wave their blood-drenched hands for the cheering crowds to see, after they have mutilated the bodies of their victims. Never again shall a kidnapped, disarmed soldier be shot to death in cold blood by Arab terrorists. Never again shall a man who lovingly tends plants be shot down by a terrorist at his nursery. Never again shall people eating pizza, drinking coffee, celebrating Passover, sleeping in their beds, shopping in a market, traveling in cars or buses become the victims of Arab terrorism. This must be not only our prayer, it must become our vow. We must separate ourselves from illusions about our enemies.

We may not achieve 100% success, but over a thousand more of our people must not die at the hands of terrorists in the next three years because we temper our responses out of compassion for non-combatants. Those who support terrorism and harbor terrorists in their midst are not innocent, just as President Bush proclaimed; they bear the responsibility for their losses when they offer themselves as human shields and let the terrorists abide among them. The war that is being waged against us is a war we must win for the very survival of Israel. When over 60% of the population of Palestinian Arabs declare support for homicide bombers as verified in polls, when over 80% declare they cannot achieve their goals if Israel remains a Jewish state, the few who do not share these goals should join the battle with Israel against the terrorists – or flee. The time for true separation has come.

The most recent terrorist bombings were just before the 10th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, and the second anniversary of the Al Qaeda attacks against America on September 11. I doubt the timing was a coincidence. The Palestinians were once again passing out sweets to celebrate the killings of innocent victims of their blood lust, just as they did when they danced with joy when the Twin Towers fell. Eight dead in the bombing at Tzrifin, seven at the Hillel Café in Jerusalem. Over a hundred injured by the nails and other shrapnel that filled the bombs to create maximum injuries. Earlier this month 22 people died in another attack in Jerusalem. Many of the dead and wounded were children, even infants. The heartless murders of children comes from a long tradition – Haj Amin el-Husseini, was directly responsible for the deaths of Jewish children who were to be transported from Terezinstadt to Eretz Yisrael by the Germans. He warned the Nazis not to send them – Jewish children, he told them, would grow into Jewish adults, and that he said must not happen. And so on October 7, 1943, a transport carrying almost 2,000 children left on the eve of Yom Kippur and delivered them to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Thus Husseini, hosted by Hitler and the Nazis became complicit in the Final Solution. Whether with a wall to create a temporary barrier to the terrorists, or by other means, now is the time for separation from those who would destroy our future.

Two days ago I walked past the Hillel café in Jerusalem where the bombing took place. This is the neighborhood where I shop for food, and books, stationery and art supplies, and where every once in awhile I have a quick lunch of falafel at my favorite place. This is where I bring my film to be developed and this is where I meet friends from time to time at a café for a coffee or tea and conversation. Now, each time I walk past Café Hillel where the terrorist killed seven innocent people and maimed dozens of others, I will be walking on bloodstained ground and I will remember, I will remember. I will remember. A good friend suggests that the murderous leaders of the Palestinians, headed by Arafat who incites with cries that a million martyrs shall march on Jerusalem, should be completely separated from their people. Let those who proclaim that Arafat was elected by his people remember that Hitler too was elected by his people. It is time for separation of the Palestinian population from leadership guilty of crimes against humanity.

I no longer know how many memorial candles I have lit after terrorists have brutally killed and wounded my people. My people, the Jewish people, my extended family. How many of our lives will it take to satiate the fanatic hatred that is the basis of the war waged against us? This is not, as many declare who would mislead the world, a battle between two peoples with an equal claim on this tiny strip of land. This is not a war between an Occupying Force and people seeking liberation.. There was no geopolitical country ruled by Arabs on that land, thus these areas at most may be considered disputed. This is a war fought by fascist, racist Arabs who despise all they call infidels and consider lower beings than themselves, and thus do not accept the historic rights of the Jews to their homeland. What more proof is needed of this than Yasser Arafat's repeated statements that the First and Second Temple were not in Jerusalem, but according to him, probably in Africa; or the claim of the Palestinian Authority appointed current Mufti of Jerusalem that the Jews have no history in Jerusalem or Israel, no claim to the Temple Mount. There must be separation from those who deny our identity and our right to self-determination.

When the U.N. voted to recognize the State of Israel, Jews were hung in the streets of Iraq; the property of the Jewish refugees who were expelled from Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and other Arab lands was confiscated. And it should be noted that no U.N. agency was established to aid these Jewish refugees, their number equal to the Arabs who fled when the Arab nations made war on the newborn state of Israel. Thus there was an equal exchange of populations – just as there was between India and Pakistan. In many Arab ruled lands the Jews had been forced to wear different clothes to distinguish them from the Moslem majority population. Jews could not bring charges against Moslems who robbed them in their homes, and Jews had to give way to Moslems in the streets. At times there were forced conversions. Even today no Jew is allowed to own land in Jordan; the Palestinians demand that where they would have a state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, it too must be Judenrein. We must be separated from those who deny our right to civil rights.

It is racism that fuels those who protest Israel as a Jewish state. It is the basis of the “humiliation” felt by Arabs when they are asked to carry identification papers (everyone who resides in Israel or the administered territories must carry identification) or when they are stopped at checkpoints on the borders of Israel. This is what feeds the fury when Arabs who are not citizens of Israel are not given free access to travel into Israel, where they believe they have some kind of rights to jobs in a country where they are not citizens. This is where they come to indoctrinate Israeli Arabs, where they plot and then set off their bombs. How dare infidels, those who are beneath us, rule this land is their belief. It is the same fascist racism that underlies the attacks against the American, British, and allied forces in Iraq. It is the same malignant hatred that is the core of Al Qaeda. It was the sustenance of the terrorists who turned commercial airliners filled with innocent people into the devastating bombs that brought down the Twin Towers, smashed into the Pentagon, plunged into a Pennsylvania field. It is time for separation, we must preserve our lives and our civilization.

A fence must be a temporary measure to see if it can stop homicidal bombers from invading and killing. We must no longer compromise our rights to a future with a legitimate right to live in our homeland in peace. To those who demand that the Palestinians have a viable, contiguous state, may I remind them that Jordan is such a state since it is populated by a Palestinian majority and a minority of Beduin, and the land of Jordan is the majority of what was Mandate Palestine. It was given to the Hashemite family to rule by the British, just as Arabia was given to the Saud family by an agreement between the colonial British and French. Now is the time to separate truth from myth and not let the Europeans, the Arabs and any others perpetuate false myths any longer.

Why are there no calls for Israel to be a viable, contiguous state? There are calls to keep our borders open to people who pledge to destroy us. There are demands that we supply jobs to people who pledge to destroy us. There are proposals for what would become under present leadership the leading terrorist state in the world to have open access through Israel. Palestinians from Gaza and areas of Judea and Samaria, they demand, must be able to travel without checkpoints from place to place on open roadways through Israel. What would that mean to the ability of Israel to defend itself; what kind of viable, contiguous state would Israel be under those conditions? It is time for a reality check and separation from propaganda.

There are demands that not only those who fled during Israel's war of Independence be allowed to return to Israel, (not to a Palestinian state) but their progeny as well. From about half a million people there are now millions – the Palestinians have one of the highest birthrates in the world. This would effectively destroy, by demographics, Israel as a Jewish state. The land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, and Jerusalem our capital, has never been the capital of any Arab or Moslem nation. Never. Judea and Samaria, which the Arabs call the West Bank in order to sever that land from its historic and religious Jewish connections, has no central role in Islam or Arab history. There is nothing that defines those who call themselves Palestinians as a people separate from other Arabs who live in Jordan, Syria, Iraq. They have no separate culture or identity – except that these particular Arabs, with the complicity of the United Nations, have been victimized by their own leader, and have lived in squalor in order to perpetuate the racist claims and war of the Arabs. In the ten years since the Oslo Accords were signed, they have built luxury for the corrupt leaders, and nothing but a terrorism machine for the Palestinian people. Just compare that to the institutions established by the Jews without billions of dollars infused into the economy by Europeans, Americans, and Arabs in the ten years before the establishment of the State of Israel. The Palestinians have built only one major industry – the making of bombs for homicide bombers. The reason d'etre of these people is the destruction of Israel. This is the core of their education system and the programs of the summer camps for their children; it is the message constantly broadcast on television and radio, and published in their newspapers. This is the message of their religious leaders delivered in sermons repeatedly from the platforms of their mosques. (See - . ) This is the propaganda of their artists and writers. Palestinians have boasted that they will defeat Israel because Jews adore life, and they adore death. Destruction rather than creation is the basis of their society. It is time to separate from these barbarians.

Israel has, since before statehood, been building its culture, scientific accomplishments, and education despite being the victim of Arab warfare for its entire existence. Just in the last few months, despite the constant terrorism, Israel released the following announcements of accomplishments:

It is time for Israel to be allowed to grow and contribute without the constant killing of our people, the destruction of our economy, the increasing number of disabled as a result of bombings and shootings, the increasing number of orphans, widows, widowers, and bereaved each time a Palestinian attacks Israelis. It is time for separation so that Palestinians can no longer deny Jews and their friends the most basic human right, the right to life.

It is time to separate from the myth that the Palestinians want to achieve a peace that truly recognizes Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. It is time to separate from the myth that there can be negotiations with the terrorist leadership of the Palestinian Authority. It is time to separate from the myth that there is no alternative to foolhardy plans like the Oslo Accords, or the Road Map that does not lead to peaceful reconciliation. It is time to separate the criminal terrorist leaders of the Palestinian Authority from the power they have over the people they rule. It is time to separate the Palestinians from the money that finances their terrorism – money from Saudi Arabia, and diverted funds from every nation that financially contributes to the Palestinians, as well as money solicited for charitable causes that instead goes to illegal arms purchases, promotion of incitement and anti-Semitism published in school books, and general corruption that fills the coffers of the criminal leaders. It is time to separate from the myth that there is no military solution –America recognizes it must win the war against terrorism and not negotiate with terrorists, so must it be for Israel. In order for there to be a just and lasting peace there must be justice. The road to justice begins with separation from the Palestinians whose repeatedly proclaimed aim is to destroy Israel in a plan of stages, using all and any means. Koheleth said, to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. We have been far too patient -- now is time to separate our Jewish lives from the death plans of the Palestinians .

Also by Reva Sharon;

©2003 - Reva Sharon

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