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JanFeb 2004         

For the Sake of Destruction

By Micah D. Halpern - January 16, 2004
Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei zeroed in on Israel's biggest fear. In a measured, calm voice Abu Ala, as he is called, declared that unless Israel stops unilateral acts - such as building its security fence - they, the Palestinians, will change their proclaimed objective and demand a bi-national state.

The implication was clear. The Palestinian prime minister was threatening the State of Israel.

A single Israeli/Jewish - Palestinian/Arab state is a death blow to the Jewish State of Israel. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing to argue over. Years ago, Arabs threatened to rid the world of Israel by pushing it into the sea. A bi-national state, the modern day equivalent, is a real and viable way of ridding the world of any trace of Jewish Israel.

The demographics are unequivocal. If there is one state, it will be only a matter of years, at the most decades, before the Palestinian population significantly outnumbers the Jewish population. At that point, the majority population can easily, even democratically, alter forever the Jewish face of Israel.

Yasser Arafat has known this for years. "The greatest weapon of the Palestinian people --- our women's wombs," was, for many years, one of his favorite expressions. Abu Ala - make no doubt about it, with Arafat's blessings and encouragement - has taken it a step further, introducing the concept of annihilation through birthrate as a new, negotiating tool.

It is now abundantly clear that Palestinian leadership was never really interested in statehood. Abu Ala's remark strengthens my analysis. The motivational force behind Palestinian-Israeli negotiations could never have been statehood, if it was, the goal would have been achieved long ago. All the Palestinians needed to say was "yes," and then follow through with the central promises made after saying yes, like the acceptance of the presence of the State of Israel and fighting terror.

But that, they never did.

Because what Palestinians always wanted was to destroy Israel. DESTROY. They could never make peace, never enter into serious negotiations, never make or accept concessions, because of the voice inside their collective head, sometimes softer, sometimes louder, that said DESTROY.

Abu Ala's remark makes it all so perfectly clear. Just think about it. What would compel a nation, a people, to threaten to give up their own state, of their own volition, for a bi-national state? Only a hidden agenda, an ultimate objective even greater than statehood. For the Arab world the agenda has been the destruction of Israel, the Palestinians are the practical means to that end.

The only way to preserve the Jewishness of the Jewish state is to maintain the state as its own entity. It's no secret, it's common sense. The only way to preserve a Jewish and a democratic state is by having two separate and distinct states. Calling for a bi-national state is code for the annihilation of the State of Israel and everything it stands for, politically and ecumenically.

The great overarching connector stretching throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds is the destruction of Israel. Arab leaders never miss an opportunity to lash out and attack Israel. They do it not to pay lip-service to the Palestinians, they do it because they are articulating a latent rejection of Israel's very existence. The rest of the Arab world has no real sympathy for the Palestinians, just look at how they are treated in Arab countries. Three and four generations later, Palestinians have still never been allowed to integrate into mainstream Arab society. Their leaders have been expelled from Jordan and Lebanon and from Kuwait. In Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, Palestinians remain in refugee camps, they are not even allowed to become citizens.

In fact, amongst themselves, other Arabs often use a caustic expression to describe the plight of the Palestinian, saying "the Palestinians are the Jews of the Arab world."

Several years into a bi-national state, even that will become moot.

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