1. The Refreshing Subject

Q. Previously we heard of the horrors of anti-Semitism. Often it has been church based. Our discussion at this time is "The Role of Gentile Christians in the Rebirth of the State of Israel." This may be a surprising subject to some people, and, indeed, refreshing to hear.
What inspired some Christians to help the Jewish people in the Diaspora to reclaim their `promised land' and rebuild their independence?

EDB: Recently, I have read Michael J. Pragai's book, Faith and Fulfilment, published in Britain in 1985. The author came to Israel in his teens. He witnessed and contributed to the rebirth of the State of Israel. His book is about Christians helping Jews to realize their 2,000 years' old dream and prayers for return to the land of their patriarchs where the Bible was written and where Jesus walked. He traces Gentile persons who, because of their reading in the Holy Scriptures the Old Testament, especially `discovered,' we may say, "the people of the Book," and became interested in the "land of the people and the Book."

They also read in the Hebrew Scriptures of the promised Redeemer the Messiah. They discovered there the credentials of Jesus' Messiahship. They saw how His Apostles all of them Jews took the good news to Asia, Europe, Greece, Italy and eventually it came to them in Britain and America. It appears that as Gentile Christians they developed a sense of gratitude to the Jewish people. Out of that sense of gratitude grew a sense of debt.

Deeper studies in the Hebrew Scriptures revealed for them that the Jews in the lands of their dispersion must return to the "Promised Land." They also observed in the books of the prophets of Israel that Gentiles must help them to regain Statehood in the land of Israel before the Messiah returns which, of course, is the Christian's hope.

May I interject a thought that comes to mind: one of Israel's contemporary leaders stated to Christian friends in assembly in Jerusalem recently: "We [Jews] believe the Messiah will come . . . You [Christians] believe that He will return. But whether it is this or the other, He will come as a holy man. He will overcome all difficulties, and we all hope it will be soon."

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