The Role of Gentile Christians in The Rebirth of The State of Israel

Lecturer: Rev. Edward Daniel Brotsky, D.D.

Interviewer: Rev. Malvern Jacobs, D.Min.


1. The Refreshing Subject

  1. Introduction of recent book and author relevant to the subject.
  2. Some biblical motivations of Christians cited in the book.
  3. Judaism and Christianity without the Holy Land is unthinkable.
2. Early Christian Attitudes to Jews and the Holy Land
  1. Few thought of Jesus as a Jew or Rabbi.
  2. Fewer still thought of Jews as God's prophets, priests, kings, and even Apostles of Jesus Christ and authors of the New Testament.
  3. The Hebrew Bible or Old Testament texts which interested Christians in helping Jews in the Return.
3. The Reformation and the English Bible
  1. Some by-products of the Reformation
  2. The influence of the English Bible with respect to the Jews and the Holy Land
  3. The Hebrew Bible or Old Testament texts which influenced Christian action in the Jewish Return to the Holy Land
4. Pro-Zionist Christians in the 19th Century
  1. British statesmen negotiate with the Turkish Sultan for a Jewish homeland in Palestine
  2. The London Times goes on record for a Christian conscience toward the Jews, and appeals to the Monarchs of Europe
  3. 320 Christians appeal to Lord Palmerston to pursue his efforts in achieving a home for the Jews in Palestine, and encouraged him on Scriptural ground
5. The Dreyfus Herzl Encounter
  1. The rise of anti-Semitism against the background of the Emancipation Napoleonic era
  2. The conception of a "Jewish State" imperative to Jewish survival
  3. Some Christian pro-Zionists in action
6. 20th Century Birth-Pangs
  1. World War I a major Jewish contribution to Britain's survival
  2. Pro-Zionists in Britain's War Cabinet
  3. "The Balfour Declaration."
7. The Role of the United States of America During the Birth-Pangs
  1. From earliest American history
  2. President Wilson's role during Britain's consideration of Palestine for the Jews in the War Cabinet of World War I
  3. Some prominent Jewish Zionists who influenced President Wilson
8. The Rebirth of the Jewish State
  1. The final deciding factor
  2. The Declaration of Independence: "The State of Israel."
9. The Birth of "The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem"
  1. The deciding factor
  2. In defense of Israel's cause
  3. Jewish appreciative response
10. "The First Christian Zionist Congress" Convened in Basle, Switzerland, August 1985
  1. The pledge
  2. Plans for 1988

Copyright Edward Daniel Brotsky, 1987, 1995. All rights reserved.

This message was given by Rev. Edward D. Brotsky on University of Toronto Radio, CIUT 89.5 FM on August 16, 1987. It was broadcast on the Worldspirit program as part of the series, The Bible and Prophecy: A Messianic View.

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