Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Land ?

Republicans: US should accept Jerusalem as capital

By Marilyn Henry

(February 17) - The Republican contenders for president, debating only days before the South Carolina primary, said the US should recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital "immediately," said Senator John McCain of Arizona as he, former ambassador Alan Keyes, and Texas Governor George W. Bush fielded questions on CNN's Larry King Live in a broadcast from Columbia, South Carolina.

"That'll make the peace process much simpler," McCain said during the Tuesday night debate. "Because as soon as the Palestinians and others know exactly where that capital is, then it'll be off the table."

Asked by King if Jerusalem The question that was popped by King in the final minutes of the debate was: "Mideast, Jerusalem, "should it be the capital of Israel?" Bush replied, "Yes," and Keyes said, "I think we ought to recognize it, yes."

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