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UN General Assembly voting record on anti-Israel resolutions 1998 - 99
The UN and Israel 53rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly
RE: (Barak pushing to hand sovereignty on the Temple Mount to permanent members of the UN Security Council Ha'aretz 22 September 2000
The UN Security Council consists of five permanent members and 10 members appointed by the General Assembly to two-year terms. During teh 1998-99 session there were 21 General Assembly resolutions related to Israel and the Middle East. All were anti-Israel.

The following table provides the voting record of the 5 permanent members as well the voting of some other countries: All the resolutions were negative to Israel.

Permanent Security
Council Members
Vote Yes Vote No Absent
China 20 0 1
France 17 0 4
Russian Federation 18 0 3
United Kingdom 17 0 4
U.S.A. 1 17 3
Other Countries Vote Yes Vote No Absent
CANADA 15 0 5
Italy 17 0 4
Germany 15 0 6
Japan 17 0 4
Except for the U.S. and Israel, only one other country voted no; a single vote `No' by Micronesia. Micronesia voted once `No' , once `Yes' , seven abstentions and was absent for 12 of the votes..

Data source: "One-Sided; The Continuing Campaign Against Israel in the United Nations, a report on resolutions regarding Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict before the 53rd session of the United Nations General Assembly 1998-99", American Jewish Committee.
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