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Israel Seeks International Support On Withdrawal
Minister of Foreign Affairs David Levy said on Sunday following a meeting with visiting Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok that Israel "has taken a decision to leave Lebanon and it is very important for international bodies to address the content of UN Security Council Resolution 425," HA'ARETZ reported.

Resolution 425 not only calls for an Israeli withdrawal, but also sets the goals of returning the "effective authority of the Government of Lebanon" and "restoring international peace and security to the area." As such, a senior source in Jerusalem said that Israel is asking the international community for support in implementing the resolution. Approximately 60 percent of the border between Israel and Lebanon is not delineated in agreements between the two countries.

Sources in Jerusalem also said that Israel is not requesting the establishment of a new multinational force in Lebanon. Rather, Barak has said that in the event of a unilateral Israeli withdrawal, he hopes to see the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) turned into a full-fledged force, as opposed to the minor role it now plays in the area. According to Israel Radio, KOL YISRAEL, France has also stated that it prefers an extension of the existing UNIFIL force. France is working towards convening the UN Security Council to discuss Resolution 425.

Regarding the possibility of peace with Syria, Barak said during the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday that he is not optimistic about talks being renewed. "We are leaving the door open at the request of the United States, but I suggest we do not delude ourselves," he said.

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