Christian Action for Israel


Monday, 8 January 2001

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has had a tremendous response from Christians worldwide to our call for Christians to participate in the planned mass rally "Jerusalem, We Pledge To You," set for this evening, January 8 near Jaffa Gate.

The non-partisan rally is being called to timely and visibly demonstrate the abiding, historic status of Jerusalem as the heart and soul of the Jewish people and faith, and to pledge loyalty to an undivided Jerusalem for future Jewish generations.

At 5:00 pm local time (10:00 am EST), thousands of Jews will join hands in a human chain around the Old City. At 6:30 pm (11:30 am EST), the rally will be held at Jaffa Gate, with the expected main speakers including Israel's President Moshe Katsav, Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and former Supreme Court Justice Moshe Landau, among others.

We expect many Christians in the Land of Israel to attend and witness this Jewish pledge of loyalty to a united Jerusalem.

Several hundred subscribers to the ICEJ NEWS SERVICE from across the globe responded that they would like to help with this event in their home country. Here is how:

1. PRAYER: Please be praying for this event as it is being held. We appreciate your faithfulness to uphold us in prayer - for a safe and peaceful rally that sends a clear message worldwide concerning the ancient biblical connection of Jews to Jerusalem.

2. PETITION DRIVE: In recent months, we have had several thousand new subscribers to the news service who perhaps are not familiar with our JERUSALEM PETITION. Over the past year, the ICEJ has been conducting a petition drive to demonstrate worldwide Christian support for a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty and open to all faiths. More than 115,000 signatures from 122 nations have been collected so far, and the petition has been endorsed by ministries representing another 15 million Christians.

The ICEJ also will be joining in a petition initiative being planned in conjunction with other Israel-based Christian ministries to stress broad Christian support for Israel's continuing role as guardian of biblical holy sites in Jerusalem and throughout the Land of Israel. Other participants in this international drive to collect millions of signatures include Bridges For Peace, Christian Friends of Israel and the Galilee Experience, among others.

We encourage our readers once again to help us with these petition drives. You may use the form provided below or the printable form available on our website at

Please signify your agreement with the petition's "Statement of Support" by signing and circulating it among fellow Christians. Then return by mail to:
ICEJ, PO Box 1192, Jerusalem 91010 Israel;
Or by facsimile to tel. # 972-2-566-9970.


"We, the undersigned, support Israel's exclusive claim to sovereignty over united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We commend Israel for its exemplary record in guaranteeing access to the biblical sites in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, and support the continuation of Israel in this role."
SIGNATURE                                          PRINT NAME               COUNTRY

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