Anti-Semitism & Holocaust

Where Raging Fires End

By Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem Newswire - November 27, 2003
Last night, some friends gathered in our home for the screening of a newly produced video - a documentary that, we quickly learned, would demand a response from each one of us.

I know that what it demonstrated - powerfully but without embroidery - has impacted the future direction and the emphasis of my life.

"Lest we forget" traces a clear and unexaggerated line from the anti-Semitism of 1930s Europe that nurtured the environment for the Holocaust, straight to the Jew-hatred raging through, and threatening to consume, large parts of the world we live in today.

Raging and consuming? If this sounds like overstatement where you live, from here - from Israel - anti-Semitism is doing just that.

It is blowing, rampant and out of control, from our front door across the wide expanse of the Arab and Muslim world. From Cairo to Riyadh to Baghdad, from Beirut to Damascus to Tehran, the hatred is being blasted into greater and ever more violent flame by an explosive mix of heinous images, offensive lies, and hysterical daily and weekly preaching to millions who are feeding hungrily off every word they hear.

It was a mixture as toxic as this one that drove Germans in their millions to either enthusiastically support the Nazi agenda, or stand unmoving on the sidelines as the machine that would so ferociously devour two-thirds of all the Continent's Jews was built and put into production from Berlin.

If the level of Jew-hatred can be measured by intensity and by its capacity to motivate one people to destroy another, then all that's changed since the years leading up to World War 2 is the name of the nation wanting the final solution. All that's moved is the map.

Sixty-five years ago the focal point was Nazi Europe. Today it is the Muslim Middle East.

At the same time, anti-Semitism is smoldering in Europe and erupting into the open sporadically, with increasing frequency. Drawn from hiding by an almost universally anti-Israel press, the prejudice that so saturates the history of Europe's states is poised to take hold once again; it has already regained a level of political acceptability in diplomatic and artistic circles that just 10 years ago was unimagined.

What "Lest we forget" shows, starting back in the 30s, is the nature and extent of the incitement to hatred, the degradation of the Jew as the "untermensch," comparing him to the rat, the fly, flea-infested vermin.

It captures the conditioning of the German and Austrian people of all ages, as with roars of approval they cheer the voices urging them to find out and mark the Jew as their enemy. It shows how those Germans were brought to the place where they believed in the "virtue" of, and were eagerly ready to assist in, the genocide of the Jews.

Recalled, too, is the unwillingness of the rest of the world to respond to this looming threat, even though Hitler's intentions are openly declared and printed in newspapers across the globe; clear for all who want to, to see.

The producers expose the fathomless hatred and unparalleled cruelty inflicted upon Europe's Jews, revealing how whole families were decimated, their relatives brutalized and murdered in the most savage and inhumane ways known to man.

They successfully communicate the anguish of those who survived the Holocaust, and they show what is visible of the scars burnt on their souls, and still there until today.

From there, "Lest we forget" swings the camera to 2003, zooming in on a nation today being taught by its leaders and its religion, in its school books and on its television, that Jews are descended from monkeys, and pigs; that they are sub-human, and that it is Allah's will that they be hunted down and killed, wherever they are found.

Vivid on our screen are the imams' calls to their congregants in mosques across the region to rise up, find, and "itbach al yahood" - "kill the Jews!" And unmistakably evident, (which we know too from the results of the repeatedly conducted polls carried out among the Arab people,) is the willingness, the eager commitment of millions of Muslims, to shaheedah, martyrdom, in pursuit of the "virtuous" perpetration of yet another genocide of the Jews.

The cruel barbarism of the Palestinian terrorists, their tearing apart of Jews limb from limb, their 'suicide' bombers' decimating of family after family after family, their stonings and burnings and maimings, the naked, unrestrained Jew-hatred, the traumatization of the nation - this too is shown.

So is the pain of those left behind, some of them actual victims of the Holocaust and now living in fear of the Arabs finishing what the Germans began.

The world's refusal to take seriously this threat to the Jews - their willingness to excuse it as not anti-Semitism but rather a nationalistic dispute with Zionism - and this even as they robotically mouth the vows to "never again" permit such a crime to take place - this too is evident in the film.

We are reminded of the willingness of world leaders to condemn Israel's efforts to defend herself, and, where possible, limit Israel's ability to do so, even as they pursue lucrative arms deals with the Arab states, who are feverishly acquiring those weapons for only one purpose.

The film ends with the reminder that those who fail to learn from history will have to go through it again. Also, that "evil triumphs when good men do nothing."

And it leaves us with the assurance that the world is preparing to let happen what it allowed to happen before.

Let us suppose for a moment that we are there, back in 1930:

We read Hitler's Mein Kampf and follow his rise to power; listening to his diatribes against the Jews and the thunderous applause with which his threats to deal with them once and for all were welcomed by the masses.

Our children play the board game Juden Raus, while on the shelves in their schoolrooms and in the public libraries, millions of copies of the classic anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, are stocked for every German man, woman and child to read.

Increasingly we see brazen acts of anti-Semitism perpetrated in broad daylight, while dark rumors about plans to mete out "special treatment" to the Jews circulate all around.

Diplomats representing other European countries make disparaging remarks about their Jews, while publicly congratulating Hitler for assuming the reins of total power. Famous artists and musicians add their voices to the swelling chorus of calls for Jews to be set apart from their host nations, to be classified as "not real Germans," "not real Poles."

The Jews constitute the greatest threat to world peace, to world prosperity. They are also, let us not forget, the accursed Christ Killers. It is our national and Christian duty to rid the world of them…

All in all it took just 25 years for Hitler's brand of anti-Semitism to take root, grow, and produce its horrendous fruit.

The German people had one leader who commanded their attention through his powerful oratory skills and enrapturing demagoguery of the Jews. The Arab people have thousands of people in positions of leadership who, for more the 60 years, have been sowing the seeds of Jew hatred in the minds of their people.

This sowing continues without letup till today. Many more Arab people want the Jews done away with now than there were Germans who wanted to see them wiped out back then.

To refute this point is to deny this truth: If today's Israeli Jews were left as defenseless as their forefathers were in the cities of Europe 65 years ago, genocide would already have been unleashed upon them - Israel would long ago have ceased to be.


Earlier yesterday, before watching "Lest we forget," I screened another video, this time on the Internet. In it, a screaming young Arab boy is bound and has his throat slit over a bowl by two orthodox Jews, who use their victim's blood to make matza - the traditional Passover bread.

The clip was taken from a Syrian television program. It was aired this week in Lebanon. Down in Egypt, a prime time TV series is earning rave reviews, based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Yesterday we reported that a British newspaper cartoon depicting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon biting the head off an Arab boy and devouring him just won first prize in that nation's cartoon of the year competition.

London's high society talk about the Jews getting what's coming to them, while French diplomats in England's capital talk openly about Israel as "that shitty little country" that poses the greatest threat to world peace.

No less than 60 percent of all the citizens of Europe agree with him.

We are moving back toward the abyss, and world leaders are doing nothing to confront and help combat the raging fire of Islam's anti-Semitism, nor the smoldering flames of Europe's.

©2003 - Jerusalem Newswire
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