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June 2001         

Radical Islam vs. Israel


June 15, 2001 by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Regrettably, the Christian world has not yet come to grips with the fact that Israel is on the front lines against a rapidly expanding wave of Radical Islamic Fundamentalism which, unfortunately is likely to soon engulf the world.

Every religion has its extreme element but, not all to the same degree and not all committed to violence. I address this article to that fringe element who advances their religion by building armies and attacking others through terrorism and full scale war. They insist that others adopt their religion at the point of a sword or gun.

Here again, I must define my terms as to who I am NOT talking about. I am NOT referring to those who live their lives within their religion oblivious to the outside world. Even those who honor animals as creatures whom they imbue with god-like characteristics - or ascetics who wish to dwell in caves, depriving themselves of all earthly comforts. I do not speak of those who spin prayer wheels or hymn mantras throughout their waking hours. I am not speaking of Muslims who develop callouses on their knees and forehead from bowing to Allah in prayer, demanding nothing of others. I am not including the millions of Christians who follow the Bible truly and defend the Jews and the Jewish nation.


I am, however, speaking about the radical Islamists who leave their mosques indoctrinated with the teachings of intolerance, along with their Iman's incitement to kill or drive out Jews and Christians who will not convert to Islam. The Christians pray to a Jewish man whom they called the son of G-d and, in the past, were similarly incited by radical clergy to punish the Jews whom they accused of causing his death. The people often left the Church services enraged by their priests' denunciation of deicide and conducted killing pogroms against the Jews. The remnants of this school of thought are still with us (although in a latent state) - awaiting a wake-up call, which we Jews pray will never come again. Hence, the phrase: "Never Again".

During the Crusades, religious hatred became so wide-spread and intense that Christian Crusaders, came in waves against the 'heathen' Muslims, also killing Jews along the way. They butchered their way across Europe and the Middle East. When they reached the Holy Land, they spilled the blood of Jew and Muslim alike. They claimed they were saving the Holy Land while building the power of the Church. The Jews became a valuable tool for their purposes.

Then the Muslims surged back in the upsurge of a vengeful Islam and they too, killed Jews and Christians both. Then, as now, the Jews found themselves on the front lines as the Muslims and Christians engaged each other in wars of extermination to prove their gods were supreme.

Now, we once again see the rise of militant radical Islam which views the Jewish State as a primal challenge to their religion and vaunted manhood. Israel and the Jews are again being used by Muslim leaders as the emotional short fuse to build up their fighting courage and war-making capabilities. This included revising history to absorb Abraham as a Muslim and demanding Jerusalem as a city now allegedly holy to Islam when it never appeared once in their Koran. War-prone nations ride the wave of radical Islam to advance their own powers by hoping to conquer an advanced civilization and absorb their G-d as final proof of the superiority of Islam. Predictably, if they achieve their current goals of attacking Judaism to destroy the Jewish State of Israel with the fire of war, they will continue on against the bastion of Christianity: Europe and America. For the radical Islamists, this will be their final battle but, in the interim, they invite the Christian nations to join them in their war against the Jews.

The Muslims have a saying: "First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people".

This two-tiered war is already in motion as Arabs under the banner of Islam have hurled themselves against the Jewish State in six wars and continual terrorism. With the awakening of that radical part of Islamic Fundamentalism, they have attacked Christians in almost all the Arab and/or Muslim lands. Coptic Christians in Egypt are being systematically eliminated. Bahais in Iran are virtually gone. In Sudan the Christians and animists are being annihilated. Christian Lebanese have been massacred by Arafat's Palestinians. Even Arab Christians in Bethlehem - and wherever Yassir Arafat has been given control - are being driven out or remain under siege by the Muslim population. June 12th a Greek Orthodox monk, Gur Pzipokatsatakis, was ambushed and shot dead between French Hill, Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim - 100 yards from an IDF roadblock. (The Palestinians presumably thought he was a Jew.)

As a relevant aside, Muslims are also now at war in the Philippines, Indonesia, Algeria, France, India and wherever else in the world they build up to a critical mass to challenge their host government. They are far advanced in Europe and rapidly rising as a significant threat in America. The West, fearful of arousing the anger of the Arab oil nations, have yet to assemble their defenses or protest this clear and present danger.

Israel is the front line, defying Islamic rage by thwarting their first goal of eliminating the Jews and their religion. Jews do not worship Allah nor do they believe in the laws put forth by Mohammed's Koran in the 7th Century.

Following HaShem's (G-d's) irrevocable instructions, we Jews are to worship only One G-d and there shall be no other G-d before Him. This is an irritant to both Christianity and Islam which neither one can accept as G-d's binding mandate to the Jews. Grafting Judaism to either religion would give one of them the right to claim lineage back to Sinai and the Covenant given to the Jews. It is difficult for either to give up their quests of forcing the Jews to be absorbed into their religions or to be destroyed - followed by laying their uncontested claim to the estate of the Jews. This is the true war that is being waged.

The Christian world, in their own foremost interests, ought to be vigorously supportive of the Jewish State of Israel as their best outer defense barrier against an ongoing attack by the Muslims against themselves. Please note that this does not apply to the many millions of Christians who have heroically come to the aid of the Jewish nation and Jerusalem as only her capital. Many good people, most Americans and most of the American Congress support Israel, but the U.S. government's foreign policy, run by the pro-Arabist U.S. State Department, has been irrevocably anti-Israel since before she was born.

In defiance of the American people's wishes, when push comes to shove, the U.S. government manages to support a hostile, radical Islam and the Arabs in preference to assisting the Jewish State. The Europeans, as a matter of unrepentant guilt generated from past crimes against the Jewish people, only give lip service to the support of Israel but seem more dedicated to the fall of the Jewish State. Their actions through the European Union, the United Nations and as individual countries are most often hostile to Israel's sovereignty and security.

Who can forget the Pope embracing Arafat, the greatest killers of Jews (and Christians) alive on this planet? How quickly most leaders of the Christian world rushed to deny Jews their capital, Jerusalem, their Holy City for over 3000 years. Both Christianity and Islam refused to acknowledge that the Jews were the only people who ever made Jerusalem their capital.

Jews typically have a live-and-let-live ideology. Hillel, the great Jewish philosopher created the concept of "Don't do to your neighbor what you don't want done to yourself", which the Jews follow. Jews are not disturbed that Christians worship a different god. It doesn't matter to them that Muslims follow the teachings of Mohammed and call their god, Allah. Jews don't send missionaries to convert Christians or Muslims to be Jews. They do not march on other nations and, at the point of guns or swords, try to force the Jewish religion and the laws of Torah upon them. They simply trek forward through the centuries, honoring their One G-d and following the laws G-d wrote for them in the Torah. This steadfast single-mindedness seems to ignite rage in these two religions which have their starting roots in the Jewish religion and its people.

Perhaps there will be a great awakening across the entire Christian people that the Jews stand like the Archangel Michael, with sword in hand at the gates of civilization. Perhaps the world will awaken and rally to the support of the Jewish nation who defends them, asking nothing more than to be left in peace. Perhaps there are segments of the Christian religion who will never march to the defense of the Jewish nation but, then again, there are millions who have and, hopefully, more will come.

Just don't wait too long to join us. We do not need you as a burial party. This is a message that can be spoken from the pulpit with vigor and honor. The Jewish nation stands in danger and needs reinforcement. We have right on our side and we have might, but we do not have great numbers. We have military power and weapons, but the West has given the Arab nations the same weapons and in much greater quantity. Worse yet, through their greed for oil and money, we have sold or gifted these hostile nations NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons with the missiles to deliver them. These weapons now threaten the world.

The governments of Europe and America seek to appease the Arabs for fear of losing their oil supply. Let them instead fear their own Christian population who will demand that they cease their cowardly appeasement and, instead, move in strength to support the Jewish State and confront radical Islam on their doorstep.

Many of the nations in Europe already are facing a radical hostile Muslim population. For instance, Russia is threatened by radical Islam sweeping across their continent from the Islamic republics that split off from the former U.S.S.R. to the south of Russia. In America, Islamic organizations have grown powerful, threatening major corporations with economic boycotts and worse, if they do not bend to the Muslims' demands.

Journalists are threatened if they expose the radical Islamists' intent and their organizational structure. Two reporters from NEWSWEEK were arrested recently in Gaza by Palestinian forces. How do you think that will affect the way they report the news? During the 12 year civil war in Lebanon, Yassir Arafat's PLO tried to take over Lebanon to create a terrorist mini-state. At least 10 journalists were killed, many other threatened - causing the Media to settle (read: cower) in the Commodore Hotel in Beirut, accepting biased press releases from Arafat's brother. This is the paradigm to expect if Arafat ever gains control over Israel.

Similarly, political figures are threatened, causing them to drop into conspiratorial silence. The general Arab and/or Muslim population does not intend to be threatening but, as demonstrated in the Middle East, a few dedicated radical Islamists can command the masses' obedience, forcing peaceful Muslims to follow their aggressive orders - or else. The Palestinian Authority has redesigned children's education in the schools, summer camps and their media (which is paid for by the American taxpayers) so their children are taught to hate and kill Jews. They propagate this inciteful material - even training grade school kids to shoot, make and throw firebombs and to be the front line stone-throwing cannon fodder.

Children from the ages of four are taught to hate and kill both Jews and Christians. Therefore, they will be time bombs for the next 50 years, set to carry out the assignments taught in their youth, hate and kill Jews. Destroy the "Little Satan" - Israel" first and then the "Great Satan " who is America.

June 13th another false peace statement was pulled out of Arafat's mouth by the U.S. Director of the CIA, George Tenet. Arafat refused to sign any documents and stated that he had reservations about re-arresting the terrorists he had released. The other terrorist factions, which he controls - Hamas and Islamic Jihad - refused to agree to any cease-fire agreement that applies to any area outside of the Palestinian Authority - leaving all of Israel under their murderous threat.

In other words, Tenet and Sharon accepted the non-binding statement of a cease fire with only Israel having to keep the terms of this empty trick. This is called bending with the wind. It is the same failed modus operandi as the agreements Israel signed at Oslo 1 and 2, Hebron, Wye, Sharm el Sheik, etc.

Since Olso was signed on the White House lawn, September 13, 1993, more than 600 Jews have been murdered by the Palestinians, thousands wounded, some maimed for life and many children orphaned. This is the result of Radical Islam which threatens the world far more than any other force. I am sorry I do not have a count of the Christians killed by the surge of Islam but, it will meet and exceed Israel's casualty numbers.

Now the death count begins for this current abortive agreement created by George J. Tenet, accepted by Arik Sharon and mouthed by Yassir Arafat. Yes, even as the agreement was announced, several Israelis were murdered and shots were fired all over the areas.

Do we accept more of the same? Bush, Powell and Tenet think we should. Do you?!

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