"If anyone thinks the murder of little girls will bring this people to its knees ... break our spirit or that we will relinquish our birthright, holy land and our eternal capital, he does not know the strength that exists in each person standing here around me today and in the entire nation."
Netanyahu, at the funeral of one of seven schoolgirls killed by a Jordanian soldier on March 13.
(The Jerusalem Post, March 14)
"We now have reciprocity. Arafat releases terrorists and so does Israel. Arafat smuggles in weapons and we give him assault rifles ... We have security men in Jerusalem and so do they. We have government offices in Jerusalem and so do they ..."
Former Science Minister Benny Begin, who resigned to protest the Hebron agreement.
(IMRA, March 2)
"If Israel insists on sovereignty over Jerusalem we'll never have peace."
Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat.
(CNN, March 3)
"I don't think that one ought to put the Palestinians in the dock and accuse them of not having met their commitments in the Middle East peace process over the last four years. They've met them."
US State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns.
(New York Daily News, March 6)
"Serious decisions on Jerusalem have been taken by the Israeli authorities which have sparked concern in the international community ... [and could] seriously harm the peace process and the spirit of trust that is so necessary for its continuation."
Pope John Paul II, addressing pilgrims in St Peter's Square.
(Israeli & Global News, March 9)
"Not East nor West Jerusalem, the whole of Jerusalem."
PA legislative council speaker Abu Ala, on the areas of Jerusalem the PLO expects to be negotiated with Israel.
(BBC World Service, February 17)

Supposedly not yet under discussion, the issue of Jerusalem now all but tops the Israeli-Arab negotitions agenda.

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