"Jerusalem is not a Jewish city, despite the biblical myth implanted in some minds. Nothing tangible has been found to give credibility to these claims."
PLO Authority Director of Foreign Relations Walid M Awad (PA INFORMATION MINISTRY INTERNET SITE, December)
"We will not give guarantees to Israel if there is a withdrawal from South Lebanon, because the occupation of Palestine will continue to be a problem for us."
Hizb'Allah deputy secretary Sheik Kasam (THE BOSTON GLOBE)
"It is possible that an [Israeli] agent will launch a missile towards Israeli soldiers and [Netanyahu] will use the incident as an excuse to open in a wide attack. In such a situation, Syria won't say that it is for peace and does not want to fight. The opposite will be the case. Syria will have to return war."
Syrian Information Minister Muhamad Salman (HA'ARETZ, Nov 11)

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