"We had a small country, and now it is even smaller."

-- Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, giving his view on the Wye agreement (Yediot Ahronot, Oct 12)

"No problem. We will give their owners licences."

-- PA police chief Ghazi Jabali, responding to questions about how he will handle the Wye obligation to confiscate illegally-held firearms (The Jerusalem Post, Nov 19). Israel has dropped earlier demands that the PA arrest Jabali for links to terrorism.

"There is no light nor teaching in their Torah today ... the Jews are the seed of Satan and the devils ..."

-- Excerpt of a religious programme broadcast

on official PA television (Nov 3)

"Oslo is a straitjacket and Israel, like a lunatic, dons it."

-- Commentator Richard Shulman (Arabs & Israel, Nov 20 1998)

"Our rifles are raised. And we will aim them at anyone who prevents us from going to Jerusalem."

-- Yasser Arafat, speaking in Ram'Allah (Nov 15)

"Peace is not our only option. We have chosen peace because it is the best option, but if Israel does not fulfil its obligations, we will have to consider other options."

-- PA Jerusalem Affairs Minister Feisal Husseini, addressing Fatah representatives in Ram'Allah (Nov 17). Quote courtesy Palestinian Media Watch.

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