"Netanyahu is racist and bloody. He is leading his people and the area to bloodshed and killing. He is a liar. He starts to lie as soon as he opens his mouth."
— Senior PA security official Jibril Rajoub (Reuters, July 28)
"Why this mania for bureaucracy, bodyguards, cellular phones, expensive shopping expeditions, for fruitless, stupid negotiations that sap our strength and our will and leave us utterly impotent as we witness our land disappearing before us?"
— Palestinian academic Edward Said, in an article decrying the Palestinian Arabs' lack of revolutionary mobilisation (Al-Ahram Weekly, July 23)
"[T]angible assets in exchange for empty promises"
— Evelyn Gordon, offering an alternative description of "land-for-peace". (The Jerusalem Post, July 14)
"I made a huge error over the past thirty years by not sufficiently emphasising the historical Jewish claim to the lands of Judea and Samaria … For years, I spent too much time stressing Israel's need to maintain control of Judea and Samaria for security reasons … But the historical right, the real issue, is more powerful than any other claim … A person simply won't defend a land which he doesn't believe is his ..."
— Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon (Arutz 7, August 4)
"... god of the Palestinian people forever"
Suggested new title for Arafat, made in ridicule by Palestinian lawmaker Hassan Khuder (The Jerusalem Post, August 9)
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